Google’s “Arts and Culture” App’s “Face Match” Feature is Storming the Internet


There are more image manipulation apps on the Google Play and Apple App Store than you can count. It would probably take you the better part of a week to download and test them all out, let alone know how to use them proficiently.

That’s probably why Google’s Arts and Culture app has not hit it big – until now.

Google brought some awesome new apps to market late last year and that trend is continuing in 2018.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably already caught a glimpse of a friend sharing a photo that matches your friend’s face with some piece of artwork. If not, meet Google Arts and Culture Face Match.

The app itself is not new, having launched in 2016, but the new Face Match feature is.

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What it does basically matches your selfie up with artwork from one of the thousands of museums across the globe. It’s all powered by an image matching algorithm developed by Google.

Why is it a trend you might be wondering?

That is probably for the Internet tarot readers to decide but the app’s new feature was launched at a time when people are always looking for a way to stand out on social media. Of course, with everything popular, memes using the app are already being generated. If that’s not a sign of success on the Internet we don’t know what is.

Pairing up your selfie with a renaissance painting or something else is not only harmless fun, in some cases it’s deadly accurate. As users have shared their results on the web, it is striking to see how efficient Google’s algorithm is at matching up these faces with images of artwork from around the world.

And it all couldn’t come at a better time for Google’s Arts and Culture app, a very powerful piece of software that has languished in the shadows for too long. The app is currently available for download on both Android and iOS systems.

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