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It has been a terrific week in the world of photography and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all points of the internet for the best links to share with everyone here.  This week's list features a selection of interesting tutorials, special features, great photography and a very interesting blog post.  We hope you enjoy checking out the work created by some of the most gifted artists in the field as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Boise City from train depot blue sky

Boise City from train depot blue sky by Charles Knowles, on Flickr


Tutorial Shows You How to Capture Quality Night Sky Time-Lapses – this video tutorial runs just over 20 minutes and is full of terrific tips and tricks from one of the best in the field.  Dustin Farrell’s latest production takes the viewer through the entire process, including discussing gear and techniques, revealing a technique that can really help you create stunning pieces.

The Ultimate Guide to Bokeh – all aspects of creating great imagery with wonderful bokeh is explored in this terrific post.  Lighting, complimentary tones, lenses, distance to subject…  all key points are covered in this brief tutorial that is sure to expand your technical repertoire with this genre of imagery.

Some Flashes and a Cup of Water – one of my favorite contemporary photographers, Joe McNally, shares a terrific image of a bicyclist in motion.  Joe’s shot features a great effect and he goes into good detail describing the technique used with lighting to create it.  There is much to be learned about the behind-the-scenes work involved in capturing a stellar piece like this.

BTS: The Anatomy Of A Luxury Hotel Penthouse Photograph – this terrific short video presentation takes you through the process of creating a stunning photograph inside a luxurious penthouse suite.  Mike Kelley is considered a leader in this genre of imagery and this primer video tutorial reveals exactly why.  Links are included in the post to his feature-length video tutorials available online.

Poppy Fever

Poppy Fever by Daniel Parks, on Flickr


Quiet On The Set! – we are working with a local community initiative trying to bring local people and businesses together.  The initiative, called TASTEtheIsland, has just unveiled a new crowdfunding project intended to gather required resources to bring this important directory to the entire island.  We participated in the video shoot for the presentation, and in this post we get a behind-the-scenes look at what went on during the shoot.

Andrew Newey’s Spectacular Photographs of Honey Hunters in Nepal – this post shares a series of simply incredible photographs, and the terrific story behind them.  The dying art of hunting honey goes back countless years, and recent times are seeing a decline in the practice for a myriad of reasons.  This post documents and shares the story in a truly captivating way.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. A journey. – this is one part of a multi-segmented feature showcasing the incredible wonders found at this world-famous UNESCO world heritage site.  Stephen Studd captures an incredible series of close-up shots detailing the features and intricate art found adorning the walls and site almost everywhere.  This set is sure to leave you feeling a connection to our collective past, and creating an indelible mark not soon forgotten.

2014 National Geographic Traveler photo contest – a terrific collection of photographs curated by the folks at National Geographic takes us to many different spots around the world.  This series is sure to get your wanderlust going, so make sure you’ve got the number for a good travel agent handy before you click on this link.


Epiphany – this shot features a wonderful old stone church sitting under a blanket of stars on a beautiful night in New Zealand.  Sebastian Warneke captures a wonderful still image of this old church, and the surrounding elements included in the composition add drama and depth to the overall scene.

Owl in flight – this is an amazing shot, featuring a fast moving owl in mid-flight.  This is an unusual composition, featuring the owl with it’s wings closed close to it’s body as it zooms across the landscape, creating a strong sense of artistic tension captured in a mesmerizing piece.

Sorry sold. – an iconic building and important link to our heritage here in Victoria is presented in this great, moody image by my friend Joerg Rosenthal.  Joerg’s great shot captures the incredible textures and details in this old hotel in the brickwork used to construct it.

Eye contact – this powerful shot by Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai features a beautiful leopard in a tree branch looking back at the camera.  The dramatic gaze from the big cat creates a strong sense of artistic tension while showcasing the character of this incredible creature.

Little Cat

Little Cat by Felipe Fernandes, on Flickr

“Motion” Roll the Dice… – Howard Jackman uses an advanced lighting technique to create a series of incredible shots that feature motion along with clear details in the prime subject.  As he rolls dice and uses a rear-curtain sync technique, he captures both the fluid motion of the dice as well as clear portraits of their facade.

The cave – a crystal cave underneath an ice formation takes the viewer away to what truly seems like another planet entirely.  Beautiful tones and shapes embedded in the ice capture the viewer’s imagination in this shot sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Stormy Infrared – I love infrared photography, it reveals spectrums not normally seen and as a result creates dramatic and stunning images.  Joe Farace uses a pending storm to his advantage with this shot, featuring a captivating landscape underneath a series of brooding clouds in the sky.

Balanced – a terrific shot from Derrick Birdsall that features a wonderfully framed night sky full of gorgeous star trails.  The rock formations that Derrick uses to frame the picture add a static element and an anchor to the image which finds further interest in the sense of fluidity from the dynamic night sky.

外国 ( overseas )

外国 ( overseas ) by Shuji Moriwaki, on Flickr

Edge of Creation – an amazing shot that showcases the juxtaposition of creation against the raw forces of nature as a lava flow cascades down the side of an embankment into the ocean.  The scene captured here by Bruce Omori features elements that take this setting from it’s earthbound origin and creates a picture that appears to have come from another planet entirely.

Duncan very early one morning – my own hometown, Duncan, is explored in the early morning hours by local photographer Joseph de Lange.  Joseph’s photographs capture the terrific character of our town by exploring the heritage architecture that makes up the town’s core.

MicroSafari – Snakes on a Slide! – John Mead produces another in his series of short videos that features macro videography.  John’s incredible work takes us deep into a world not often seen, revealing a community that is mesmerizing to take in and learn about through the lens of John’s camera.

Morris – Dave Wares uses a very low perspective in his composition that features the forgotten remains of an old Morris car.  Dave’s processing on the shot accents the cold tones of the scene, enhancing the inherent drama and creating a picture full of terrific character.

Norway – the craggy and rugged coastline of Norway reveals a wonderful vignette for Yury Pustovoy to capture in this terrific photograph.  Tiny red buildings dot the landscape, creating points for the viewer to take in as you make your way around the image.

No Shortage – Rich McPeek captures a great shot of the Fort Dequesne in Pittsburgh.  Great colors and tones in the bridge serve as an anchor, grabbing the viewers attention and leading you across the span to discover the features on the other side.

Twilight over the Bixby Bridge – as the light of day fades over the famous Bixby Bridge at Big Sur in California, Matt Granz is ready and captures a breathtaking shot.  Light trails from moving traffic highlights the natural leading line in the shot that finds a further element in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


夢的延伸 by 湯小米, on Flickr

The Shooter’s Edge – Jim Denham shares a terrific study in this shot, featuring wonderful textures in the old building and a dose of artistic tension.  The photograph showcases the character of the building and leaves you wondering and wanting for more.

Caboose – there is something inherently romantic about trains, and abandoned trains find further interest in the questions that they create for the viewer.  This terrific black-and-white shot of an abandoned caboose car by Scott Wood is a terrific example of this.

Monte Rosa – twice – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) takes us up high into the snow-covered mountains where he captures and shares a stunning landscape shot.  Incredible mountain peaks make their presence known, playing host to epic glacial fields amongst the craggy rocks and producing an image with both a color and b&w renditions sure to leave you breathless.

Wheels – this terrific shot by Barbara Youngleson shares a scene of old metal wheels in a dew-filled field.  An early morning mist adds drama and mood to the scene, and Barbara’s careful processing highlights these elements to deliver a very special piece.


Untitled by hdora, on Flickr

Architectural Abstract – this fabulous black-and-white piece by Edith Levy showcases great architectural features in a pair of skyscrapers.  The results are a true architectural abstract that is both subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Houston from the East Side – this architectural study finds us visually exploring the wonderful buildings in Houston accented by the foreground.  A line of trees and moving cars work in harmony to add a layer of interest to this cityscape, producing a very striking image.

Behemoth – famed storm-chaser Mike Olbinski shares a very dramatic shot of a supercell near the end of it’s lifespan.  Incredible cloud formations only found in nature come to life in this incredible shot, making for a terrific must-see image in this week’s list.


A BTS Look at the Russian Daredevils Who Take Selfies While Dangling Off Buildings – while there isn’t enough money anywhere in the world to get me to hang off the side of a perfectly good building with only one hand and a heart full of faith, the art created by individuals who practice this is impossible to ignore.  This short video presentation is sure to have you grabbing for the edge of your desk as we share this experience with daredevil Kirill Oreshkin.

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