Guy Steals iPhone, Posts Selfie to Owner’s Instagram Account


Stealing isn’t the smartest thing to begin but posting your selfie to the victim’s Instagram account really underscores how lacking in brain cells a thief can be.

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels.

That’s the story behind one viral Instagram photo that the Kearny Police are hoping leads to the arrest of one goofy looking perp. The theft happened some two months ago in New Jersey and detectives there are hoping the weird looking photo can help them identify the person and arrest him.

Of course, knowing how good the Internet is at these things, it probably won’t be long before he is caught.

The Facebook post from the police reads as follows:

“The Kearny Police Detective Bureau is turning to our Facebook community for assistance in identifying a person of interest in the attached photograph. On May 16th a victim reported to the Kearny Police Department that his iPhone had been stolen. Shortly after the theft, a suspect posted the attached photograph of himself on the victim's Instagram story using the stolen device.

Anyone who can identify the person of interest in this photograph is asked to contact the Kearny Police Detective bureau by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by calling 201-998-1313 (2833). All tips will remain confidential.”

As many Facebook commenters are pointing out, this is one strange way to get your little taste of viral fame. He better enjoy it because it is probably going to land him in jail.

You can also watch a newscast of the story on YouTube by clicking here.

You can view the goofy photo by clicking here.

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