Halloween…Let the Spirits Take Pictures


The Halloween season is upon us once again. Scary movies with blood curdling screams are just about on every movie channel. Chocolates and other sweet treats line kitchen cabinets waiting to be stashed into trick or treat bags. Photographers can also get in on the spooky, festive action. We can photograph the events as well as take existing work and add a few creepy effects.

For some inspiration, let's take a look at various photographs that convey the eery, creepy factor.


A lot of movies feature the long, solo walk through the woods. The winds howl and trees whip back and forth. The barren tree and faded sky were stark. By working with Photoshop and using the path blur filter, I was able to create the effect of blowing branches.


On children, masks give them opportunity to be something else for a brief moment. On adults, they add a dark dimension. The mask on the mannequin has human characteristics.

The white-faced stalker is great on a photograph. I definitely wouldn't want to meet him on a dark street alone.

Kids at Play

Halloween parties at school and neighborhoods let kids bring our their ‘inner-scary.'

Scary face

This evil face conveys a dichotomy af age? Young? Old? You decide.


With the pumpkin carving kits and tools, the best pumpkin in the neighborhood contests are now commonplace.

A different take on a pumpkin. The silver pumpkin reads like a fairy tale book cover.

Black Cat

A Halloween collection of photographs would not be complete without a silky-sleek black cat with striking eyes.


Haunted houses, stormy backdrops add a bit of chill. Stationary subjects with slow shutter speeds emphasize cloud movement. Add a bit of contrast and additional edits.

As a photographer, we can take pictures of the moment and share with our friends and family. We can also reach in to our inner-scarey to take creepy photographs or just add mysterious edits.

Happy Halloween!

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