17 Awesome HDR Shots That Aren’t Overdone

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) images often make our eyes bleed. Don’t get us wrong, we think HDR is an awesome way to bring out lighting in a photograph that was difficult to bring out in any other way, but since the world was first introduced to HDR, it has been a little overdone by some folks. Now sometimes overdone has its place, but we should remember that you can also use HDR to produce realistic and beautiful photographs. Here are a few that we think get the balance just right.

Majestic Tree

Majestic Tree by G a r r y.


Strange by Christolakis.


Autumn at Rock Island Falls by Lee McCain.

Morning Meeting at the Fish Market

Morning Meeting at the Fish Market by Lucas Jans.

Good Morning

Good Morning by Lutz-R. Frank.

The home of the red knight!!

The home of the red knight!! by fatboyke.


The Lightness of Being by Lee McCain.

Milan - Il Duomo - 12-01-2008 - 00h11

Milan – Il Duomo – 12-01-2008 – 00h11 by Panoramas.


Single by Christolakis.

Steveston style Cosmetic Surgery – Bow lift

Steveston style Cosmetic Surgery – Bow lift by janusz l.


Passeggiando by Roby Ferrari.

Into the future but not without the past

Into the future but not without the past by janusz l.

All Ashore

All Ashore by ecstaticist.


Sunrise and Fog on the Refuge by Lee McCain.

Holsbeek, Belgium

Holsbeek, Belgium by fatboyke.

View from our cottage

View from our cottage by wili_hybrid.


Jungfrau by Pear Biter.

More Resources on HDR

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23 thoughts on “17 Awesome HDR Shots That Aren’t Overdone

  1. PhotoExtremist

    Really cool shots 🙂

    It's good to mask certain areas in and out, as well as dodge and burn to make those dark areas lighter and those light areas a little bit darker rather than just putting the Strength and Saturation up to 100%. It's cool to use the 'unnatural' look as well as the natural look, it just depends on what you like 🙂

  2. Shannon

    Very Pretty. I think HDR is an essential digital tool – one I’m trying to master at the moment – and looks a lot nicer when it’s not overdone.

    These examples, to the untrained eye, look just like well lit and well composed photos, which I think is what all HDR should aim for.

  3. Chris Backhouse

    I think that is the beauty of HDR … that it is a true form of photographic art.

    If you want realism then you can create it. If you want impressionist or romantic then you can create that too.

    Overdone? It’s all art ….

  4. MykiTa

    Nice examples of well done HDR!

    I personally like HDR technique for it capability to create true tone pictures, similar to what human eye see.

    And its a big help when it’s comes to do professional work(mostly true tone and some times a little bit overdone).

    With time I found a way to improve this technique to obtain half true tone and half ultra contrast(overdone) pictures.

    And it has a big potential to be applied in creation of awesome MHDRi panoramic pictures.

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