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It's an exciting world full of great photographers and artists.  Toad Hollow Photography constantly searches the internet, looking for the best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share.  This week's list features some fabulous posts and images, sure to keep the avid photography fan busy for quite some time.  We really hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as the Toad did in creating this list to share here with you.

How can one of the oldest buildings in a community sit hidden for over a century?  And what happens when a developer buys the property, with an eye towards building a new condominium?  This is exactly what has happened with the Colwood Dairy and Cheese House on Vancouver Island, and now the entire community is coming together in an effort to find a way to save this very important link to our heritage.  Check out the feature blog post “The Chatter of History” from Toad Hollow Photography.


32 Bit HDR Processing Workflow with Photomatix Pro – Blake Rudis delivers another video presentation that takes the viewer through another method of post-processing HDR images.  This video is a little over 18 minutes, and is sure to give the viewer some insight into an option available for processing as there are many different means and methods out in the field today.

Personal Pearls Of Wisdom: Photograph What You’d Like to See, Not What You See – I just love these posts from Joe Baraban as they not only share some really valuable insight into creating great imagery, but he frequently illustrates his points with stunning photography.  This is one of those posts that is guaranteed to have you coming away with a different outlook.

New Series: Creativity Boosters – Anne McKinnell rolls out a new series with this inaugural post featuring great tips and tricks on how to come home with a memory card full of great images.  This article features a collection of Anne’s images that really do a top notch job in helping to illustrate the points she is making, allowing the reader to come away invigorated and ready to head out into the field in search of that next great shot!


Tribute to the HMS Bounty – Scott Hovind shares a touching tribute to the famous boat HMS Bounty which was sadly lost to the seas during the hurricane Sandy storm that recently hit the east coast of the US.  Two crew members were lost in this accident, and this great tribute is a fitting article.  Two years ago Scott managed to capture a great series of images of the boat before it’s fateful journey, and he shares this collection in this post as well as some of his thoughts and the history behind the tall ship.

Seeing the forest and the trees… – this is a truly fabulous post that not only features a really wonderful nature photograph of a grove of trees, but also shares some personal insight into how Sherry Galey produces her work.  Sherry’s wonderful thoughts that accompany the picture really serve to help us all learn a little about ourselves and what drives us to produce the work we do.  At the very least this post will leave you pondering deeper questions, but likely will also answer a few.

Death Valley Dunes at Sunrise – incredibly dramatic shadows from an early morning sunrise create long shadows throughout the dunes at Death Valley, creating the perfect spot for Adam Allegro to do some photography magic to share with us all.  Adam comes away with a small series of photographs of this surreal looking place, each telling a different and unique story.

Hedge Edge – fall on the island brings grey colored skies and rain.  Tons of rain.  This is a fabulous photograph by local photographer Ehpem.  Slightly abstract in nature, this picture uses a road with brightly painted curbs to lead the viewer perfectly through the frame.  The dark greys from the rainy day permeate the picture, creating a strong sense of drama.  The finishing touch is the great light dancing off the tops of the hedges, creating a perfect mirror to the road’s leading line.

The Herb Garden – Jim Denham shares a scene so full of character it literally pops from your monitor right into your imagination.  A lovely little weathered sign beckons the visitor and Jim uses his 50mm prime to it’s fullest to isolate the subject from it’s backdrop with a shallow depth of focus.  This is definitely a picture that embodies fall time and country living, at it’s best!

Ice – you just have to love the naturally abstract nature of nature.  Chris Maskell finds a scene of a frozen body of water with holes that resemble Mandelbrots.  The graceful naturally occurring tendrils exposed in the ice work together splendidly with the tiny bird footprints in the frozen cover to create a piece that truly reveals more as you spend time checking out all the intricate details.

Another Time – a truly haunting image is presented here by Chris Frailey who features a landscape scene captured at the infamous Salton Sea area.  Years of oxidation and corrosion work against the items left behind by those who abandoned the area, creating the perfect opportunity for photography that seems to originate from another planet entirely.

Multnomah Falls – jigsaw puzzle style! – for those who believe that great photography is all about the gear, you just have to see this post from Scott Wood.  Scott shares a breathtaking picture he took a few years back with his kit lens of a glorious waterfall surrounded by lovely fall colors and rich natural details.  As it turns out, Scott has just signed a contract to allow this image to be used in a jigsaw puzzle that will be available in stores all over the place.  This is a story of excitement and inspiration, one that should be seen by all aspiring photographers and artists.

Fall Colour – a perfectly crisp line of rich autumn colored trees creates a line through this great picture by Kent Johnson.  The awesome composition here creates a strong vanishing point for the viewer to enjoy, accented by a tremendous reflection cast in the still lake water.

Abandoned sanatorium in Georgia – another image featuring a compelling vanishing point is shared in this image posted by Roland Shainidze.  Dramatic shadows play along the corridor of this long abandoned facility, adding further depth to an already solid image.

Blustering Wind – you can almost feel the icy chill of the ocean winds as they go right through you in this shot from the studio of Len Saltiel.  The clouds that pepper the sky add a layer of drama to the setting, but the real star of this photograph is the lighthouse situated just off-shore.

My Vancouver Streets – it’s no surprise that I love great pictures of cars and trucks and such.  Sometimes I encounter one that exposes the vivid personality of the vehicle behind the picture.  This picture is of a classic truck hot-rodded up in an old-school way, creating a scene that is full of character.

First Light of Day – I don’t think that the finest, most modern vacuum cleaners of our day could come close to doing any service in this scene.  Bodie, California is a ghost-town turned museum that features the old buildings and artifacts from the gold rush era.  This interior shot has so many great features to it, but the best part has to be the lovely morning light making it’s way up the horizon in the backdrop, painting the scene with gentle colors and dappled light.  By Raymond Jabola.

You remember … ? – a beautiful winter scene is presented here, almost like a painting.  Regina S. captures a great photo of a snowy landscape that finds interest with the farm buildings that poke out from spots adding a touch of detail and color to a scene dominated by white.  This is truly a breathtaking picture.

Les vendredis avec Mathias ! | Les toits de Notre Dame (Les “Vendredi” avec Anne-Laure) – another installment in the running series featured by Mathias Lucas and Anne-Laure K. that takes us on a photographic adventure where the viewer gets to enjoy two distinctly different photographic perspectives of the same subjects.  This series features the epic spot of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

End Of Fall – a poignant and dramatic photograph is shared here by Jerry Denham.  A fall scene presents itself with a great reflection and Jerry uses this setting to capture a picture of an old stump that looks so very lonely in the black-and-white picture, creating a strong sense of tension.

Portland Wharf – Edith Levy takes us wharfside with this great black-and-white picture.  The gentle waters of Maine lap up against the boats in this picture, creating a set of ripply reflections in the sides of the boat’s hulls that adds so much interest to an already captivating picture.

Big Leaves, Big Light – we get to enjoy a great photographic study that takes a look at the natural effects and light tones you find in the autumn on Vancouver Island.  Laurie MacBride showcases our island and the incredible natural beauty that is found in our big leaf Maples during this time of year.

Orange 1955 Chevy – Jimi Jones shares a picture of a classic ‘55 Chevy, done up retro-rod style.  The bright colors in the paint and the details in the modern wheels combine to create a picture that embodies the concept of nostalgia in imagery.

Half – a dead boat lies prone on it’s side in a body of water, revealing some of it’s secrets and keeping others well hidden.  The incredible rust and texture on the boat as it slowly weathers adds so much interest to a scene that is almost surreal in nature.  A photograph by George Doupas.

Dubai Palm – this photograph by Prince Anis is taken from a slightly lowered perspective than typical, giving the majestic architecture featured a sense of scale and wonder.  The beautifully lit facility in the shot creates a strong point of interest in the picture, and the included surroundings bring important context.

Rainbow Marina – a picture that features both fabulous details in the lit buildings as well as great reflections in the water, smoothed out using a long exposure.  Gost Ridr® brings us another shot of this wondrous place that contains both great details and great tones to enjoy.

Painting Point Dume – I have to agree with Adam Allegro in this post, the image he shares here does resemble an oil painting.  As the waves ebb and flow on the California coast as the night begins to set in, Adam comes away with a gorgeous landscape scene that features strong colors in the sky and natural beautiful elements.

Inner Beauty from The 50s – the iconic cars we all enjoyed from the 50’s and 60’s growing up were not just forms of transportation, they were our trusty sidekicks and they had tons of character.  This great shot from Mark Neal shares an interior dash view of a classic Chevrolet from the 50’s.

Fall Colors at the Grist Mill – what wonderful details and textures are to be found in this landscape photograph by Sathya R.  This mill is apparently still operational, and Sathya does a great job here in capturing a picture of the facility in it’s natural surroundings, creating a scene that embodies an olden feel.

Kanarra Falls – Jason Hines delivers a very dramatic black-and-white picture in this post that shares a view of a waterfall in Slot Canyon in Utah.  Jasons great composition brings a ladder that is fashioned from an old tree trunk with slats nailed on it, bringing a human element to a natural scene and thus adding a sense of tension.

San Miguel Mission – what is widely considered to be the oldest church in the US is photographed and shared here by Jim Nix.  This classic adobe structure goes back some 400 odd years, and Jim’s image here expresses all the inherent interest in the details and tones of the scene.

Albatross – some say that the albatross is not the most gracious of creatures, sometimes using it’s name as a metaphor for something less than stellar.  In this case we get to enjoy a detailed view of an old car on display at a museum in the UK.  Bob Lussier does a great job in bringing the character of this scene to life.

Mallard Pair on the Wing, Minnesota – capturing a great photo of a moving object is a trick in-and-of itself, and Mark Paulson does a terrific job here in doing just that.  A pair of mallard ducks flying created the perfect opportunity for Mark who comes away with a great shot featuring these two in action.

The King Of the Forest – a majestic tree stands sentry in the forest, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the other trees cloaked in autumn tones.  The dramatic nature of the shape of the tree being shared here delivers a strong feeling of both lonely and hope at the same time to the viewer.  As photographed by Evgeni Dinev.

US Capitol Before Dawn – a striking nighttime photograph captured and shared here by Metro DC Photography features the US capitol just as dawn strikes.  The lovely tones in the breaking sky are accented perfectly here by the wonderful reflection in the still waters, adding a ton of depth to this picture.

Continuation of Princess Place Preserve by Marks – lovely, subtle nuances that can only be found in film based photography are revealed in this short collection of black-and-white photographs.  Marks and Joey Culver work exclusively in this realm, and this post features great examples of this genre.

The Grey Season is Here – as winter begins to cast it’s shroud around us here on Vancouver Island, the skies turn from bright and colorful to muted and grey.  Local island photographer Joseph de Lange let’s us join him at a local marina where he shares a few nautical scenes that are served rather nicely by the grey surroundings, making for fascinating and dramatic imagery to view and enjoy.

Fall colors on a horse farm – what a wonderful fall scene, as captured and shared here by Mark Summerfield.  As a horse goes about grazing in a meadow, the autumn trees create a colorful canopy that adds so much interest.  This is a beautiful and serene scene, sure to be enjoyed by all.

Pearl Pink – this is a shot that derives its main point of interest in the intense colors the are exhibited by a clam sitting open in a river bed.  Rob Nopola does a great job in creating the perfect composition for this shot to accent both the colors as well as the surrounding context for the clam.

Hood Ornaments – a great collection of photographs featured by oneowner that showcase a wide variety of classic hood ornaments on old cars.  Each car manifests it’s own personality through the display of these elaborate ornaments, and when presented as a collection as it is here it forms a great post to visit.

Rockin’ Lighthouse – an iconic lighthouse peers out over the top of a bluff of rocks in this great photograph by Steven Perlmutter.  The architecture of these old, classic facilities lends itself perfectly to photography, and Steven does a great job with this shot in coming away with a picture that really represents the romance inherent in the setting.

Crossing Interstate 8 – fast moving light trails from cars, multiple lightning strikes and a most dramatic overhead sky converge in this epic image from the studio of Mike Olbinski.  Mike uses an image stacking technique to create this picture, resulting in something that is really quite striking to view…  if you’ll pardon the pun.

Mt. Rainier – my 2013 calendar cover – the only thing better than a calendar full of terrific photographs is to have a chance to learn a little about each picture shared.  Scott Wood starts this year's posts by featuring the image he has on the cover.  This picture is astonishing, featuring the majestic range of Mt. Ranier and a lovely reflection in a pool of water in the foreground.

Cedar Falls At Petit Jean State Park – a veil of water falls from a gentle waterfall, creating a sense of beauty and intrigue.  As the falls drape over the surrounding rocks, the scene comes to life allowing the viewer to see and take in the rich textures that nature is so adept at producing.

Fair Weather Friends – the combination of crisp and clear details in the main body and head of this beautiful hummingbird as it floats and feeds against the motion captured in it’s very fast-moving wings combines to create a very compelling image to view and enjoy.  This wonderful photograph is captured and shared here by Jay Taylor.

riviera by mmmáté, on Flickr

More from the New Zealand Car Trip – Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs shares a new post here that features 3 great images.  The last two are particularly striking sharing a bit of a common theme with water and a boat.  There is an ethereal quality to the photographs that Trey posted, making them must-see shots in this week’s list.

Crane on a Pier – silhouettes can cast the most dramatic outlines against a backlit setting, and this photograph by Tim Stanley is an awesome example of this.  By using the city’s skyline as a soft backdrop for the gorgeous bird who has taken roost on top of a pier, Tim captures a shot that exposes the juxtaposition of human society against the backdrop of nature.

Crossroads … – the natural drama that can be found in shadows is explored in this epic photograph from Tomàs Rotger.  A figure leaning against a street sign casts the most compelling shadow on the ground, exuding the concept of drama and intrigue in photography.  Tomàs’ use of black-and-white is the perfect finishing touch to this great picture.

Blooms and a Butterfly – this is a lovely picture by Mark Garbowski that is a deviation from his usual work.  A little collection of wild flowers find themselves as a perch for a gorgeous butterfly that Mark in turns photographs to share.  Mark’s anecdotal thoughts on the shot explain why we don’t see more of this work from him, although given the incredible quality of this picture we’re all left to wonder why.

Good day, Vietnam! – a lovely picture from the studio of Anita Megyesi takes us to a beach in Vietnam where she finds a character filled bike perched up against a tree.  By using the beach as a backdrop to the scene, the composition Anita uses creates a natural flow that leads the viewer naturally through the frame.

Upwaltham Church in Sussex – Barry Turner shares a view of a quaint old church in the UK that features centuries of weathering to add details and textures that can only be found in such subjects.  The rich 900+ year history behind the church adds a huge sense of depth to the picture.

Buzzkill – custom motorcycles make for great photography, especially when the design is striking and the details are unique.  Bob Byington creates a picture of a custom bike here that exudes the most incredible colors and details, bringing all the character of the bike out for everyone to enjoy.

shady mile . . . – a beautiful forest setting creates tree silhouettes that a flock of birds fly over, creating a very ethereal feeling image.  Textures and fog work together in this picture created by dragonflydreams88 who shares a distinct and captivating image.

Like A Fairytale **Hornbosteler Hutweide/Germany** – a deep German forest finds itself enshrouded in fog as gentle light bathes through the canopy, revealing certain secrets and keeping others well hidden in this magical picture by hornbost.  As you spend time taking this great picture in, you quickly begin to look for goblins and trolls to peek out from behind the trees just beyond the veil of fog.

The Stade – Hastings.. – Tony Matthews delivers a dramatic monochromatic piece that features what appears to be a pier heading into the ocean.  The long exposure used to create this picture smooths out the water into a silky effect, and the looming clouds atop the frame add an important touch of drama.

Hallgrímskirkja ( Iceland ) – a tall, foreboding stone church stands tall and dramatic in this nighttime photograph posted by Óli Magg.  The stars in the night sky add a touch of drama to this powerful picture, completing a vision of an almost otherworldly nature.

A Time For Change – a lovely black-and-white landscape scene, as shared here by Andy Gimino.  Andy finds a great little pond that has a circle of stones placed for some specific reason, and he then composes a very pleasing shot that uses the stones as a bit of a naturally leading line to guide the viewer through the frame.

Frozen Pond, Jasper Alberta – I cannot get my head around the effort that must be required to create an abstract piece like this that is totally based on natural artifacts and surroundings.  Chip Phillips photographs a section of frozen pond that features sprigs of sticks protruding out, all brought together with the gorgeous soft tones found blanketing the picture.

New Arrival – babies in-and-of themselves are great subjects as they pose and play in very cute mannerisms.  A baby giraffe is something that we don’t get to see often, and this fabulous photograph by Brendon Jennings not only shares a great glimpse of the newest family member, but Brendon also manages to capture the scene at just the right moment, bringing all the character out.

Ancient Drainage – Len Saltiel shares a quaint country scene here, captured in the Netherlands.  The intricate beauty of the windmill works perfectly when placed alongside the inherent interest in the architecture and landscape that surrounds it.  This is a wonderful picture, one that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Boat in Monochrome – a seemingly lonely scene is cast and shared here in this post from Steven Perlmutter that features a wooden boat.  As the waters that surround it gently lap against the hull, amazing reflections are cast back into the bright white paint of the boat adding so much interest.

Awaiting Light – a boat sits tied to dock, waiting for the morning light to crest the trees in the distance and hearken in a new day.  As the boat sits moored, a delicate fog cloaks the surroundings adding further to the lonely feel that is perfectly created in this picture from the studio of Jerry Denham.

Owl Brook – Rob Hanson brings us along to one of his family’s favorite little spots in nature that features a lovely little brook in the middle of the forest.  As the wonderful natural light dapples the landscape, a small and gentle waterfall babbles into the brook, creating a scene that is so beautiful it truly defies proper description.

BONITO PASEO by mirwav, on Flickr

Way to paradise – this picture features a vanishing point of a different sort.  A path is cut into the surrounding countryside that takes the pedestrian through the rolling hills and off into the distance.  The way the path gets cut off and then reappears as it meanders through the hills creates a very unique scene that naturally leads the viewer around the frame.  As photographed and shared here by Jorge Feteira.

Outside Bank station – the incredible architecture of London is home to both modern and old, making for a diverse collection of personalities comprising the core of the city.  Jim Nix takes us right to the heart, where he shares a photograph of a vantage just outside the London Bank tube station.

Bridge at Night – a combination of geometry and vivid colors that define that geometry draw the viewer right into this great photograph from Jimi Jones.  A well-lit bridge span sits under a beautiful starry filled night sky, creating an image sure to be enjoyed by all.

Fall colors, Fauquier County, Virginia – a great little house peeks out from behind a most wonderfully adorned autumn tree.  This lovely and quaint photograph representing the true character of the landscape is shot and shared here by Mark Summerfield.

Visions of Fall – this time of year produces colors that can only exist in nature in the fall.  As the leaves change their colors, the entire landscape benefits from the vibrant color palettes.  Jay&Jacy Photography shares a set of images that definitely takes your breath away from the depth of their beauty.

¿Te gusta conducir? – this post features another autumn image to view and enjoy, this one photographed and posted here by Ruben Fernandez.  By framing the shot with the overarching cathedral of vivid autumn cloaked trees, Ruben takes us straight through this frame by creating a natural leading line in the roadway, culminating in a perfect vanishing point.

Between Autumn and Winter – the long exposure technique used to create this shot showcases the fabulous interest that is inherently found in the eddying waters and fast moving river of the landscape.  The crisp trees produce a strong juxtaposition against the veiled and silky waters, all completed by a touch of fog drifting in the distance.  A photograph produced by Kilian Schönberger.

Photo of the Day: Chernobyl’s Atomic Legacy – the indescribable nature of the Chernobyl nuclear accident has left many a legacy behind, but none more poignant than the artifacts and items left by the people who had no choice but to drop everyone and leave the moment the accident occurred.  This picture features a forgotten bed in a room full of textures from the weathering that has occurred from decades of neglect.


Holme Bank Chirt Mine – mine shafts can form the most interesting subjects for photography, both revealing keeping secrets at the same time.  An old mine that is no longer active is explored and photographed in this series of images by tch0rt.  This collection is fabulous, leaving you wanting for more.

Suspended – this week’s links list features an HDR collaboration project, where a group of very talented photogs get together and post-process the same set of brackets to produce an individual work that stands out from the rest.  By seeing all the results from each of the photographers, we get a chance to enjoy singular views of the scene and we also get a chance to learn a little about the process.

Interview with Shantanu Starick – I just love projects like this one, especially when it can serve as a huge point of inspiration for others.  A personal and in-depth interview with Shantanu reveals a project that is also a really great way of life, with an end-result of truly great photography and a message of inspiration to follow one’s dreams.

Going West 2012 ~ Part One : Hiking Red Canyon, Bryce, and more – we’re wrapping up this week’s list of epic photography with this post from A.D. Wheeler.  A.D. takes us deep into Dixie National Forest where he shares a large collection of photographs that feature the beauty of the natural landscapes formed over the millennia and the naturally created colors that adorn these features.  This is a comprehensive set, sure to keep you busy for quite some time so we really encourage you to find some free time, and perhaps bring along a coffee or other beverage of choice.

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