Horsetail Fall Lacking Water According to Yosemite Officials, Photographers Still Welcome for Annual Event


An iconic photography hotspot might end up disappointing visitors this year as Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall is lacking in water and might not be able to put on its usual spectacle.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

The annual event, known as a “Firefall,” might not happen due to lack of melted snow that provides the water. The name comes from the apparent alignment of the sunset and the falling water which makes it look like molten gold pouring down from the mountain, among other things.

Even with the lack of water, the National Park Service is preparing for the massive influx of photographers to the spot who will be visiting during the period of the 13th through the 27th of this month. PetaPixel reports that this year’s event will be more controlled than last year’s in which some 2000 people arrived and left chaos in their wake.

Measures to prevent a repeat of last year including monitoring the two paths which photographers will use to access the site as well as making them park some one and half miles away.

Though there is the risk of this year’s event being a disappointment, a huge crowd of photographers is still expected to arrive. Can’t blame them for trying, right? After all, a shoot like this probably takes some planning and for sure requires an outlay of some serious cash.

Who knows how understanding your airline or hotel will be if you tell them a waterfall doesn’t have enough water thus you won’t be arriving for your reservations likely made some time ago. That said, we hope the photographers that show up this year get the shot they want.

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