Hot New Pics of Jupiter, Courtesy of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope


NASA is reliable when it comes to astrophotography that blows our minds, and they’re not disappointing fans with this latest batch of pics from Hubble that feature none other than the titan king of the solar system, Jupiter itself.

Taken on June 27 according to reports, this new image of Jupiter is notable because of its very vivid colors and distinct banding between the various clouds that swirl around the gas giant.

Some people are calling this the clearest view of the biggest planet yet, and we have to agree. DPReview reports that the image was captured using natural light through Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

Why NASA thinks the picture is a big deal is that the distinct banding and colors helps them get some idea of what is going on with Jupiter’s atmosphere and allows scientists to better track changes there.

Given that Jupiter is mainly composed of gas, a deep study of its atmosphere really isn’t a shocking proposition.

Nonetheless, we’re amazed that the geniuses over at NASA are able to extrapolate such wide-ranging information using what appears to the layperson’s eye to be nothing more than a truly epic photograph.

Hubble has produced a lot of epic images over its long career but it can’t last forever. Along those lines, DPReview points out that the next generation, in the form of the James Webb Space telescope, is in development as we speak and it almost stretches the imagination to think what kinds of images it will produce.

There’s a video explaining the new image and its importance for science over on YouTube. You can watch it by clicking here.

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