How 82% of People Learn Photography Faster


Photography is easy to take up and almost impossible to master. Aside from the (literal) tomes of theory, the practical application of that theory takes a lot of practice. Don't get me wrong, that is fun too, but it can be tough.

Not only do you need to know the theory, but actually finding your way around a camera and learning to apply that theory in a fast-changing environment… well, it's not that easy.

But how do you learn photography thoroughly and well?

In many ways, it's a question for each individual. But we decided to throw it out to our community of over 400,000 Twitter followers to see what they had to say.

Compelling result, right?

82% of people want to learn by doing. And it's a great way to learn! Chances are, you're one of the 82% who learns best in this fashion.

How to Learn by Doing?

The obvious piece of advice here is to simply pick up the camera, walk outside and start shooting. Compare your shots.

The slightly less obvious piece of advice is to take meaningful notes about settings, conditions, and results while you're shooting.

The Best Way to Learn by Doing

Combining both of the above pieces of advice, Photzy came up with a series of “Action Cards” that are like preformatted field notes for you to take out into your shoots.

They give you the basics of theory in combo with a meaningful shooting exercise and a few questions you should ask yourself about the images from each shoot.

This is a very very good way to learn by doing.

As you can see, there are action cards for a wide variety of shooting situations meaning these are very applicable to most people's preferred photography genres.

Limited Offer

These Action Cards are at a very large discount for a short period of time as an offer for Light Stalking readers.

If you learn by doing, then these Action Cards will be perfect for you.

Grab them here.

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