This Smartphone Will Possibly Feature a Triple Camera Capable of Capturing 40MP Photos


The smartphone arms race just keeps getting more intense as makers add tech and features to their handsets in a bid to outdo and outsell one another. Outside of Apple’s gated iPhone garden there is a whole wide variety of powerful Android devices, some of which even specialize in photography.

Huawei’s P-series of smartphones is just one of those product lines.

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei’s latest device should have photographers excited: Rumors suggest that not only will it come with the latest cutting-edge, Android-based smartphone tech available, but also could have a triple camera lens with the ability of capturing photos at 40MP.

As DP Review points out Huawei was the first manufacturer to utilize two cameras, combining image data from one 12MP RGB sensor and a 20MP monochrome chip for improved dynamic range, reduced noise levels, and zoom performance.

Huawei P10 Smartphone image via Huawei.

The next iteration in Huawei’s top range P-series smartphones, possibly called the P11, could be the first smartphone to feature three lenses if rumors prove to be correct.

DP Review reports that leaks from Evan Blass, a reliable source according to the publication, would give the smartphone the ability to take 40MP and allow for a high-quality 5x zoom.

According to DP Review, the smartphone will sport lenses from Leica, like previous models, and “The camera module is said to capture 100 percent more light than the current variant, and allegedly comes with a ‘Pro Night Mode’ that allows for high-quality night shots without the need for a tripod.”

All of Huawei’s previous top-of-the-line smartphones have featured Leica lenses, so there is little doubt, triple lens or not, that the next iteration in the P-series from Huawei will have Leica glass.

Information about the smartphone came to light when a digital artist associated with the project placed the product’s information in a professional portfolio.

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