Huawei Photography Competition Judged by Artificial Intelligence


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that person probably didn’t imagine artificial intelligence, better known as AI.

We’ve featured a few stories here in the past about how AI is changing everything from the actual composition of your photos to telling you how you can take better photos or even taking those “better” photos for you itself, but we’ve yet to stumble upon a photo contest judged by AI – until now.

Image by JohnsonGoh from Pixabay

The Huawei “Spark the Renaissance” photography competition will be judged by artificial intelligence in a gimmick that is part cyberpunk dystopia and part reality.

But don’t worry, just in case you were thinking of entering your photo, your entry won’t be wholly at the whims of our future robot overlords: A Leica photography representative, Alex Lambrechts, will also be doing the honors of evaluating the competition’s submissions.

Billed as the world’s first photography competition judged by an AI, “Spark the Renaissance” will accept photo entries from photographers via an innovative chatbot on Facebook Messenger according to Photography Blog.

CMO Huawei Western Europe Andrew Garrihy described the process for judging the photos: “We have trained the AI in our P20 Pro smartphone to understand what makes an amazing photo…This innovation is helping us to identify emerging creative talent across Europe and showcase their photography potential to others.”

The competition will start accepting submissions on July 12, 2018, and ends after eight weeks. There will be different themes for the photos submitted including A New Renaissance, After Dark, and Deep in Detail, among others.

Winners will receive a Huawei P20 Pro and will be entered to win a chance to travel to Florence, Italy, often credited as the birthplace of the renaissance in Europe, where they will receive a photography masterclass courtesy of Leica.

There will be another round of photography judging after the masterclass in Florence where photographers will then have an opportunity to win a grand tour of Europe.

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