Huawei Put Ads on Smartphone Lockscreens and Users Weren’t Too Happy About It


Another story from the ongoing saga that is Huawei right now and it looks like company is back in the headlines for its smartphones and not all of the other stuff that’s happened of late.

Image by Matti Blume

Apparently, Huawei is showing ads on its smartphone’s lockscreens and this is not going over well with owners.

PetaPixel reports that user lockscreens are showing ads for and offering them 15% off of travel deals in a move that is a bit awkward at best. You can see that ad by clicking here.

And, as reliable as the sun rising tomorrow, the Internet outcry that ensued because of this forced Huawei to “investigate” the issue. This led to the removal of that wallpaper from the company’s servers and instructions for users who had already seen the ad detailing how they could remove it from their wallpaper library.

To Huawei’s credit, they were on top of it when the controversy began and they removed the offending photo from their servers. But it does make you wonder what in the heck it was all about after all.

We’ve reported quite a deal about Huawei’s trials and tribulations over the past several weeks and it seems odd that the company would do something that would draw negative attention to itself. From having to possibly craft its own OS in the future to losing out in supply chain logistics battles, Huawei’s position at the center of world attention must be a tough thing for the company.

This after years of explosive smartphone growth that sees the firm challenging traditional segments leaders like Samsung.

As always, please tell us what you think of ads showing up on a smartphone’s screen or Huawei in general. You can do that in the comments section below.


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