Improve Your Landscape Photography With These 5 Free Guides


Landscapes are the subject of choice for many photographers. Photographing the hills, meadows, forests, waterfalls and many other landscape scenes help us relive our memories of a memorable visit and also show it to the world.

While anyone can take a snapshot of a landscape, capturing a truly extraordinary image is often a skill that is mastered over time. To help you get better at various aspects of landscape photography, we have put together a list of 5 free guides on the topic, with three of them from Photzy. Do check them out!

Landscape Photography: A Short Guide

short-guide-to-landscape-photography-27-12This short guide touches upon the important aspects of landscape photography in brief and provides you with many useful tips. The major portion of this ebook is dedicated to the elements of composition that work when shooting landscapes, along with relevant examples to help you understand it better.

Using Minimalism in Landscape Photography

minimalisminlandscape-27-12Minimalism in photography is when you use ‘as few elements as possible’. This guide will show you how you can use minimalism in landscape photography. You will see how color, the sky and silhouettes can be used along with juxtaposition to create simple, minimalist landscape photos.

Using Motion in Landscapes

motionlandscapes-27-12Landscape images, for most part, are static images. However, you can find opportunities to add motion to your landscape shots and turn them into dynamic ones. This guide will show you exactly how you can achieve that, with moving water, clouds, fog, mist and foliage in your landscape shots.

Insights from Beyond the Lens

insights-from-beyond-the-lens-27-12This eBook on landscape photography covers everything from what gear is best suited to landscape photography to how to make the best use of available light to create stunning landscape images. The author also shares useful insights from his experiences that are sure to motivate you further. Do check it out.

22 Landscape Photograpy Mistakes

22-mistakes-27-12A surefire way to get better at landscape photography (or anything else, for that matter) is to avoid making common mistakes. This concise guide takes you through 22 common landscape photography mistakes and how you can avoid them, with beautiful shots accompanying the tips.

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