Innocent Nascar Promotional Photo Mistake Brings Laughs to Photographers in the Know


Sometimes mistakes in media production can be a big deal, and then sometimes they are innocent and funny, like this mistake by someone in American racing league Nascar’s social media department.

Photo by Solomon Soh from Pexels.

They mocked up some contact sheets showing a huge victory for driver Chase Elliot. The only problem with their work is that the contact sheets listed the film used as being HP5 Plus.

For those who may not know, HP5 Plus is a black and white film. Needless to say, color contact sheets with HP5 Plus is not only unheard of, it’s a pretty funny – if somewhat obscure for the majority of the public – error to make.

As we are wont to do, however, the photography community took it in stride with many Internet commenters asking where they could get this special color HP5 Plus film.

One of the most tongue-in-cheek tweets came from Internet user Mike Padua (@MikePadua) who wrote, “My favorite color slide film is @ILFORDPhoto HP5 Plus.”

Ilford Photo didn’t seem to mind, however.

“Hilarious. Just a little research would help. It will be interesting to see if we get any enquirers for colour HP5 film now :),” the company tweeted.

Of course, this isn’t even close to the most egregious error committed on social media. We’ve covered some pretty bad ones in the past and this is, honestly, really mild. Who can expect the average person to know anything about film these days?

But don’t worry, photographers are always quick to let you know they know their stuff. Maybe asking one’s advice next time might help?

You can check out the error here for yourself

What do you think of Nascar’s innocent mistake? Have you seen something similar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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