Instagram Blocking “Fake News”


Facebook’s biggest division has made big moves all year when it comes to changing how people interact with pictures and videos on its platform. from Pexels.

But they’ve really not stepped into the content regulation game as much as they have modified its reception.

That’s changing as Instagram is now identifying “fake news” pictures and blocking them from your view.

This is to get rid of all of the false health information, phoney news reports, and otherwise dangerous things that pop up now and then in your feed on the service.

In general, Instagram is describing this move as less of an attempt to regulate what people post and more of an effort to stop the spread of false and fake news.

Some of it can be innocuous such as fake photographs that show things that didn’t or couldn’t possibly happen.

And other examples are quite dangerous such as the rampant plague of false health information posts out there.

You could always unfollow accounts that posted that kind of stuff in the past so it isn’t like users didn’t have options, Now, though, accounts that get flagged for posting “fake news” will eventually get banned from ever being featured in the Explore tab, FStoppers reports.

Basically, Instagram is going to treat it like any other abusive behavior you might find on the platform.

What do you think? Are these moves a positive thing on Instagram’s part of just another step in the wrong direction when it comes to controlling content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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