Instagram Brings Direct Messaging and Live Streams to Browser Clients


If you’ve been waiting for Instagram to bring DMs to the web browser, you’re in luck. Instagram not only debuted that much-requested service but also premiered live streams as well.

That means you can watch your favorite content creators from the comfort of your laptop's Google Chrome browser which, to be honest, sounds way more comfortable than being hunched over a tiny screen.

Whether or not these changes are coming now as part of some scheduled rollout of changes or if it was expedited given how much more time we are all spending inside thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t clear. What is known is that people are thrilled that these, honestly, simple features have finally shown up.

How do you access direct messages on Instagram through your browser? Simply log in to your Instagram account and access the DM icon up at the top of the screen. To view live streams, you simply go to the user you want to watch or scroll through your feed as you would normally.

As we reported last year and as many publications are pointing out now, all of this is part of parent company Facebook’s broader plan to integrate messaging services across all of its apps and portals. We would expect in the future that Facebook users and Instagrammers will be able to message back and forth sometime in the near future.

What do you think of Instagram bringing some of its apps features over to web browsers? An acknowledgment of customer demands or a sign of the times where everyone is working from home? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below if you like.

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