Instagram to Debut Regram Feature in Response to Popular Demand


Social media platforms offer creators one more avenue through which to showcase their work. To this end, networks need to optimize and harmonize the user’s ability to do this across multiple platforms. This is why Instagram’s lack of a re-post feature is so mind boggling, especially given its relationship to parent company Facebook, the king of social sharing ease.

On Facebook, you can share a friend’s post.

On Twitter, you can easily re-tweet something you find clever or interesting.

Pinterest has its namesake pins and re-pinning.

But what do Instagram users have?

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Currently, the least scrupulous among Instagrammers just straight up steal others hot photos and cool posts (something a lot of photographers have been on the receiving end of) while some just admire and look on, because currently there is no way to easily share another creator’s work on your own feed…at least until now for a few Beta users.

In response to popular demand for a feature found on almost every other social media platform, Instagram has announced it will soon unleash the ability to share another user's posts on the popular photo-sharing platform.

The Regram option is among a slew of new abilities being proffered by the social media giant, all in a bid to undercut competition and stay one step ahead.

But this would seem like Instagram is playing a bit of catchup, right?

In a way yes, but really this is because the Instagram user experience can be degraded by the addition of watermarks and copyright notices.

To counter this, creators need to receive proper credit for their work, and the Regram feature is a step towards making sure this happens on a consistent basis.

Currently you can re-post another user’s Instagram post using a third-party app. If the Regram feature is successful in testing, this would no longer be necessary.

While there is no official timeline for the release of new features from Instagram, creators can expect it will roll out sometime in the near future so long as everything tests out properly.

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