Instagram Finally Introduces Customized Account Page Options


Instagram keeps adding more and more features to make it the go-to platform for all things social media. Whether it is competing with Tiktok, WhatsApp, YouTube, Patreon, or even the Facebook mothership, Instagram will do whatever it takes to stay relevant and we’re all here for it.

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Photo by Estée Janssens

This latest change seems to be geared towards content creators and brands that sell stuff on the platform, but it is also something that regular everyday users will benefit from and that is the ability to customize the images and the order in which they appear on your account’s page. While this was previously achieved through strategic posting of grid images, now you can just set it and forget it – or update it if you like.

It should make things easier for companies trying to push their wares but also help photographers and videographers show off their best work. So far, the feature is in the testing stages though Engadget expects it will roll out as a permanent feature quite soon because it makes a lot of sense for multiple cohorts.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated on any other new changes that Instagram rolls out. Our coverage during 2021 largely focused on the company’s anti-bullying – and even anti-human trafficking – efforts with the occasional nod to updating the UI and features for convenience purposes. The most interesting thing to watch over the next year or so is how dedicated Instagram is to their new movement to push video even harder along with all of what that entails. Even, it looks set to remain a relevant platform for photographers despite Twitter’s best efforts to woo us away.

Will you customize your Instagram account home page? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s updates in the comments below.

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