Instagram to Start Pushing More Original Content Moving Forward Thanks to Algorithm Change


Whether it is intentionally crashing airplanes or other nonsense, it seems like people will do anything to become Instagram or social media famous.

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And, from that perspective, we have to wonder whether or not encouraging more “original” content is really the best move for Meta’s crown jewel.

But that’s exactly what they’re pushing for according to a Tweet from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri no less.

From his tweet:

“We’ve added new ways to tag and improved ranking:

Creators are so important to the future of Instagram, and we want to make sure that they are successful and get all the credit they deserve.”

You can also view his video message about the updates here.

For those of you that pay attention to this blog, we watch Instagram pretty closely and, along with changes to make it more eCommerce oriented such as product tagging and setting up your own storefront, we’ve also noted some of the changes that have come in terms of the direction of the content on the platform. There’s the drive to compete with TikTok and Snapchat, but also Clubhouse and YouTube and on and on. Essentially, Instagram is always changing and what constitutes original content on that platform kind of depends on where you find yourself (Reels, traditional Instagram, live streams, etc.).

Of course, no article would be complete without some reference to the platform’s statement that it was moving away from photography (only to backtrack). Really, though, it does seem like there is a whole lot of stuff going on over at Instagram that is way removed from where it started.

What do you think of Instagram’s recent changes like product tagging and pushing more original content? Let us know what you think of Instagram in the comments below.

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