7 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Like Vintage Style


If you can't get enough of Instagram vintage style profiles, I feel you! I'm a big fan of vintage aesthetics, fashion, music, and of course, photography. Luckily, vintage style is having a big throwback and there are many Instagram profiles that feature either real vintage photos from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, or they try to emulate the style that was common in one of these decades.

Check out the following 7 Instagram profiles dedicated to vintage style – I'm sure they'll satisfy your hunger for retro treats.

Enjoy it!

1. 70sbabes

instagram vintage 70s

This profile features a colorful combination of images from the 70s – it's mostly celebrities and fashion, but there are also beautiful shots of lesser-known people and places. If you're into the 70s, this profile can be your daily dose of visual goodness! You can also check out the website if you're interested in purchasing clothes and accessories inspired by the 70s fashion.

2. 80s_renegade

instagram vintage 80s

This account is similar to the previous one but posts are a bit more versatile. It's not only about fashion and art but about the entire aesthetics of the 80s, including music and technology. You'll find both images and videos here, and they can surely improve your mood and trigger some warm nostalgic feelings, especially if you were born in the 80s or before.

3. 90scelebvibes

instagram vintage 90s

If the 70s and 80s sound too cheerful for you and you're into a decade with a darker vibe, this is the profile you should check out! It's about grunge aesthetics, black clothes, cigarettes, leather, and simple color schemes. The profile is dedicated mostly to celebrities but you can enjoy some quality photography too and unusual editorial or candid shots.

4. vintage_daily

vintage daily instagram profile

This profile has a charming combination of all things vintage – posters, films, music, fashion, and it's often spiced up with humorous quotes. It's not dedicated to any decade in particular, which makes it rather eclectic. It's one of my favorites even though it doesn't have that many followers.

5. manoftheworld

manoftheworld instagram vintage

Man of the world is an Instagram profile and website with a great concept. Their owner, Alan Maleh, says that each story that's published takes readers inside the lives of men living life to the fullest, from explorers and sportsmen, to artists and entrepreneurs. Even though this profile isn't dedicated to vintage style in particular, many posts feature gorgeous vintage photographs.

6. historic

historic instagram vintage

This profile is a must-follow for everyone who's into historical photographs. Each photo that's published here is either historically important, humorous, bizarre or simply touching. You can also learn something new and expand your interests by reading descriptions in case you don't know much about the event or person in the photo.

7. vintagefeeling

vintage feeling instagram

This is a well-curated profile with over 700k followers, and I enjoy it because of carefully selected photographs that adhere to the same color scheme – everything is in neutral tones, earthy tones. The photographs are also very atmospheric and you can find anything from cute candid moments in the countryside to glamorous gala dinners. If you're on the romantic side, I highly recommend this profile.

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