Instagram’s New “Live Rooms” Hopes to Challenge Newcomer Clubhouse


Instagram just announced a huge new addition to their growing list of live streaming options and it couldn’t come any sooner as newcomer Clubhouse continues to gain traction in the ever-competitive social media space.

Photo by Samer Daboul from Pexels.

As the announcement from Instagram outlines, previously users were limited to live streaming with one other person but now, with Live Rooms, users can live stream with three other users at the same time.

Among the ideas that Instagram lists for the new feature are live talk shows or even jam sessions. As with almost everything on social media now, there is a way for creators to make money with this new feature including the ability to sell badges as well as host fundraisers or even live shopping.

Basically, Instagram is copying a lot of Clubhouse’s most popular features and porting over some of their own service’s most common amenities which makes sense.

One of the major themes that Instagram will maintain with Live Rooms is its antibullying and anti-harassment stance. A focus for the company in the past couple of years, it’s not hard to imagine a chat room space hosted by such a feature quickly spiraling into an out-of-control mess.

Towards that end, the blog post says: “We want Instagram to be the best place for creators to have meaningful conversations with their audiences and each other, and we designed this new update with safety in mind. People that are blocked by any of the active participants in the Live Room will not be able to join the Live. Guests who have had live access revoked because of violations of our Community Guidelines also won’t be able to join a Live Room. Features that are currently available to Live hosts, such as the ability to report and block comments, and apply comment filters will also be available to hosts of Live Rooms.”

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