iPhone Costs Woman $1.6 Million


Instagram makes the life of a brand ambassador out to be all ships and fizzy, but things apparently are more complicated than they first appear – especially if the ambassador somehow forgets the details of the sponsorship.

When you sign on to become a brand ambassador, you typically obligate yourself to certain things that you can and cannot do.

In the case of a Samsung smartphone promoter, using an iPhone could cost you $USD 1.6 million if you’re Ksenia Sobchak. This is, of course, the amount Samsung is seeking in a lawsuit against their former ambassador, and not a court-awarded amount. Even still, it’s still a mind-boggling figure.

The huge amount represents what Samsung will probably argue are the cumulative damages and contractual violations committed by Sobchak through her use of an Apple iPhone. For those that may not know, Apple and Samsung are fierce competitors in the high-end headset market but…close to 2 million dollars is next level.

Apparently, the brand ambassador was caught in a television interview recently trying to conceal her iPhone with a piece of paper according to FStoppers. Not being her first violation, Samsung basically had enough of it at this point. Quoting from Apple Insider, FStoppers points out that the sum the brand ambassador is being sued for is much greater than the amount paid out to her by Samsung, so there might be something else going on with the whole ordeal.

The story was picked up and bandied about in the UK press by The Mirror and that story has yet to gain comment from either Sobchak or Samsung.

According to The Mirror, Sobchak is known primarily for being notorious back in Russia, running against the country's current President, Vladimir Putin. There are also rumors that she is his goddaughter though no one has ever confirmed that whisper according to the UK publication.

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