iPhone Photography School Offer: 80% Discount!


Getting great photos from a phone camera is not only possible, but it’s also something that can be consistent for you if you learn the ins and outs specifically for phone photography.

In fact, I’d say regularly shooting with the camera that is with you (ie your phone camera) is the single most convenient way to learn aspects of photography that will stand you in great stead for other camera gear, but it’s also a great way to collect some truly great images along the way.

That’s why we recommend people to take a good look at the iPhone Photography School Discount for honing down into the specific skills of shooting with a phone and achieving powerful images.

These guys include:

  • 67 videos specifically teaching phone camera techniques
  • Over 600 minutes of video instruction
  • A thriving community of iPhone photographers
  • Specific instruction on phone camera craft
  • How to nail composition when shooting with a phone
  • What you need to know about quality of light before you take the photo
  • How to edit phone images for more powerful shots
  • Delve into perfect portraits

Photo by Michelle Simmons (IPS Student)

And the kicker if you aren’t entirely pleased is that it comes with a money-back guarantee too.

This is one of those courses that you can put into effect almost immediately and as you go through the material and learn the various tactics. A great way to be getting those shots that people love in a matter of hours.

So don’t put it off. Go and grab your 80% discount today here.

Forward your receipt to us and we will also send you a copy of our printable “Natural Light Buddy Notes” which is a great addendum for shooting with a phone. But only this weekend.

Grab the offer here.

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