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Irish Photographer Causes Panic with Tripod

It seems like tripod design might need to rethink a few elements if these incidents of the ubiquitous photography accessory being mistaken for a high powered rifle continue.
A photographer in Ireland spurred a manhunt after after taking a stroll on the beach with his tripod one night in yet another case of the accessory being mistaken for a gun.
Apparently this visage spooked a local who called authorities on the photographer which then prompted a search for him – all without his knowledge.

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The photographer was taking a stroll at dusk on South Kerry Bay in Ireland. Armed with his tripod, he not doubt was probably trying to capture some images of the surrounding area. In fact, he was engaged in astrophotography or capturing images of the night sky and stars.
Little did he know he could have joined the heavens had more rational people not prevailed in the end.
The police apparently made quite a scene, cordoning off the area, warning the public away, and even commandeering a set of binoculars from a nearby pub. After obtaining some field glasses, according to The Independent, the police spotted the photographer on the beach and noticed he was doing nothing more than taking pictures. This led to them calling off the emergency.
While this entire drama unfolded and packed itself back up the photographer was never once alerted as to the kerfuffle he had inspired.
Some people thought this was an April Fool’s joke but it is apparently a real story.
If you will recall we recently ran a story about a photographer who had pulled over to take photos of a traffic stop. That photographer, Andy Grimm, was shot and wounded by the sheriff’s deputy who will not face charges for that. In that case, the deputy also had mistaken Grimm’s tripod for a gun.

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