Is Canon Working on a Mirrorless-to-DSLR Camera Converter?


Tons of news this week in the camera gear department and Canon is turning up the notch just a little bit more as we close it out.

EOS 1 DX from Canon.

Reports are swirling around the web that the Japanese optics giant is developing nothing less than a mirrorless-to-DSLR camera converter in a bid to bridge two worlds and two massive segments of the modern market.

The indication that the company might be doing this came in addition to the news that revealed (though not surprisingly) that the company was developing an EOS R that could replace their own 1 DX with the release of this new camera rumored to be some time after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The sentence in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun that got everyone talking about a converter is the following “We are also developing a converter that can join a mirrorless camera to an interchangeable lens for a single lens reflex camera.”

Of course, some people think the photography press might be reading too much into this and that it could just be some kind of EF adapter. PetaPixel highlights a report from Canon Rumors that described such a gadget all the way back in January 2018.

What this means for the company’s DSLR lineup in the long run is an even more interesting question. Could this be the way Canon moves users over to mirrorless systems as DSLRs take a less prominent place in the product lineup or is it just another gadget that will definitely have a market?

We want to know your thoughts, of course, and you can leave those in the comments below.

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