Is Nikon Bringing Out a New Mirrorless Camera Costing Less Than $1,000? Rumors Say “Yes”


We’ve got a hot rumor here depending on where you stand with Nikon and their current mirrorless range. Reports indicated that the company is bringing a sub-$USD 1,000 device out and for Nikon fans wanting an affordable mirrorless option it probably sounds like a dream come true while the rest of us might wonder what it is that Nikon has up their sleeve exactly.

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The new camera will reportedly nestle in between the current the Z6 and Z7, costing $USD 1,800 and $USD 3,400 each. As PetaPixel states, those price points are significant in interpreting the rumor that Nikkei has heard.

According to the Japanese business publication, “Nikon will introduce a new mid-price mirrorless camera product in fiscal 2019. The same interchangeable lens can be used in the product that corresponds to a sister model such as the high-end model “Z7” launched by the company in the autumn of 2006. It is expected that the price will be in the 100,000 yen range, which is easier for the general consumer to pick up than the leading 200,000 to 400,000 yen model. The aim is to develop the demand of users other than existing enthusiasts.”

That last line probably holds the key to everything – “develop demand of users other than existing enthusiasts.” As a market expanding move, a mirrorless between the Z6 and Z7 probably makes a lot of sense. But whether or not it means anything exactly is something for users to decide. After all, it seems like the final specs and the unit capabilities when final decisions are made. Nonetheless, there could be a potentially huge market out there for an awesome camera that costs little more than a fancy smartphone does.

What do you think? Should Nikon release a sub-$USD 1,000 device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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But if it sits between the Z6 & Z7 in features, and is less than the Z6, it makes the Z6 obsolete?

Why would Nikon do that? They wouldn’t, I can’t see it being better than the Z6 in feature richness, that just doesn’t make any commercial sense at all!?


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