It Was Only a Matter of Time: Instagram Introduces Product Tags in Photos


As Instagram moves more and more into eCommerce, it isn’t really that surprising that tagging products would become a thing.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao

What is surprising is that it has taken this long for the app to roll out such a feature.

But here it is and the world’s foremost photography and videography app may never be the same.

Moving forward, all us Instagram accounts will be able to tag products in photos and videos that they post to the service, TechCrunch reports.

Of course, from Instagram’s side of things, this feature was something that users had requested for a long time. And that’s not too hard to believe, especially given how much of the platform is dedicated to showing off stuff in one way or the other whether is actual products or exotic locales.

Also, a lot of people are actually using Instagram for product discovery and shopping. We brought you a news story some time ago about how much the platform is changing in this regard with new features not only aimed at reeling in major companies but also empowering smaller businesses and even creators to make money on the app.

In an email from Instagram to TechCrunch, the company outlined how it would all work:

“Scored a new pair of earrings from a small business you love? Tag the product in your Feed post so your friends and followers can learn more about the earrings and shop them…People come to Instagram to share and discover trends and inspiration. Product tagging will make it possible for anyone to support their favorite small businesses, share how they styled their looks along with the products they used and more.”

What do you think of Instagram’s product-tagging feature? Let us know in the comments.

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