Kodak Development Chemicals Production Now at Photo Systems


Some hallowed traditions continue, even if not as popular as once before.

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Sure, in a world filled to the brim with smartphones and their same cameras, photo development chemicals probably aren’t the hottest product on the market. But given its place in our art, it is a very necessary one. That’s why we can’t help but breathe a bit of a sigh of relief (as well as utter a prayer of gratitude) that Photo Systems, a company based in New Jersey in the United States, is going to continue the production of Kodak Development Chemicals.

As PetaPixel reports, this news comes after some months of turbulent supply and a more than questionable future for the development chemicals. This comes after the company that owns the rights to them, Sino Promise, alerted consumers of “critical supply constraints” in the United States on top of reported financial problems at the company itself. After its exit from the business entirely earlier this year, Photo Systems took up the mantle of development, much to the relief of fans and consumers.

“We had been manufacturing for Kodak Alaris and then Sino Promise after that… Sino exited in April, and we proceeded to discuss with Kodak licensing to take over for professional chemicals, which we did sign on September 3 of this year and we are now in the process of rebranding with our labeling and the Kodak-provided labels. We hope to be shipping the new product in the first quarter or earlier of 2024,” Alan Fischer, founder and CEO of Photo Systems, told PetaPixel.

We’re just happy to see that, in a world of AI and digital everything, a few other avenues of expression remain viable options in the field.

Any thoughts you might have on Photo Systems continuing the production of Kodak development chemicals are welcome in the comments.

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