Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit

landscape magic Lightroom Toolkit

84 Lightroom Presets + 25 Brushes 

+ 20 Overlays 


(Includes Bonus Shooting Guide

and Photo Formulas!)

Only $119


Golden Hour
Autumn Rain

Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit

You have taken the effort to shoot amazing landscapes, but you need to give them the effort they deserve in post production.

You're ready for a total editing solution for your landscapes - we have developed Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit just for you. This Light Stalking toolkit includes 84 presets and 25 brushes that we developed in-house specifically to enhance various types of landscapes.

  • 84 Adobe Lightroom Presets
  • 25 Lightroom Brushes
  • 20 Overlays
  • Bonus: 12 Photo Formulas
  • Bonus: 1 Landscape Shooting Guide

84 Presets + 25 Brushes +20 Overlays

Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit includes all of the presets, brushes and overlays you will need to make your landscapes pop like the ones on this page.

Bonus Landscape Shooting Guide

You also get a comprehensive shooting guide that will teach you how to shoot landscapes and capture images that are ready for your final creative touches in Lightroom.

Bonus Photo Formulas

We show you exact step-by-step tutorials on how 12 spectacular shots were achieved in post production using our Landscape Lightroom Toolkit. Follow along with exact steps.

Watch a quick walkthrough of just one of the possible preset and brush combinations.

Remember, there are 84 presets and 25 brushes so this is just one of many combinations available to you with this Toolkit!

Some of what this toolkit can do....

Fuji Film

Hollywood Tones

What You're Getting Today

These will be delivered immediately after purchase.

84 Presets + 25 Brushes + 20 Overlays + Photo Formula Guide (12 Formulas) + Landscape Shooting Guide


Use our carefully crafted presets and brushes!

These presets will instantly make your landscape photographs pop! Of course, we encourage you to customize them further and keep experimenting to add your own style.

Aged Print

There are 84 presets in our toolkit! Make sure to explore all of them.


BONUS 1 : Achieve amazing effects with our Photo Formulas!

These 12 "Photo Formulas" give you exact steps that were taken using the Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit to take 12 good photos to great photos. Follow along.

Photo Formulas are very user-friendly - we have explained in detail how to import and customize the presets!


BONUS 2: Learn how to shoot landscapes like a pro!

Even if you're an amateur photographer, you will enjoy our comprehensive guide on shooting landscapes!

If you're not sure how to get the landscape effects that you see in magazines, our presets will help you achieve that effortlessly. Just follow the instructions in our Photo Formulas guide, which covers 12 different setups!

You will also get separate instructions on how to import Lightroom brushes and presets.

Agfa Film


  • 25 Premium Lightroom Brushes
  • 60 Premium Lightroom Presets
  • Formulas Meaning You Can Follow Along and Learn from Examples
  • Shooting Guide So You Can Get Great Milky Way Shots
  • Instant Download


  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom Classic CC
  • Full Email Support
  • Community support in our forums

Additional Info

  • Works With Mac And Pc Users
  • Works With Raw And JPEG Photos
  • Easy To Follow Guides
  • Installation Guide for Presets and Brushes
  • Full Email Support

Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit

Get our amazing Landscape Magic Lightroom Toolkit and make your photo editing routine quicker, smoother and more enjoyable!


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