Leaked Details Reveal More About Meta’s Upcoming Massive VR Headset Project Cambria


Aside from a name change, Facebook has largely stayed the course since becoming Meta.

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And for those of you who haven’t followed that story, we covered the name change here and, essentially, it all boils down to the company’s vision for a future wherein the “metaverse” (naturally) is the primary forum for online interaction.

Think of it as Facebook except for VR, we guess.

Well, now we’re getting some more details thanks to a report from Engadget that outlines Meta’s plans for VR and the release of the high-end Project Cambria VR headset later this year. It sounds like it isn’t leaving any box unchecked, either, as Engadget quotes that it is a “laptop for the face” which sounds…interesting to say the least.

It apparently uses its own operating system and has capabilities equivalent to a Google Chromebook, per the report. Envisioned as a productivity tool, it’s not quite there yet. What caught our eyes, however, was the headset’s incorporation of forward-facing cameras for AR experiences.

With all of these seemingly bold ambitions, you would expect Project Cambria to break the bank, but multiple reports indicate a price point starting at $USD 799 which, while not cheap, isn’t prohibitively expensive for most enthusiasts.

That’s not all that Meta has on the way in terms of VR, either, and there’s even mention of AR glasses as well (something Apple is reportedly developing and something that Google tried some time back to mixed success on the consumer level).

What future do you see for AR/VR and what are your views on Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and the company’s attempts in this area? Let us know in the comments below.

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