Leica Just Had Its Best Year Ever


The past two years are probably going down as some of the toughest in recent memory from an economic perspective.

black Leica camera
Black Leica camera. Photo by Pavel

They will also go down in Leica’s corporate history as some of the most profitable as the German camera manufacturer reports the highest sales ever.

In fact, turnover increased some 16% in 2021/2022 according to a press release from Leica, representing € 450 million total.

The release notes that Leica pulled this off while the general environment was quite unfriendly for its competitors. And, of course, much of this growth comes down to good old business fundamentals. Citing their efforts to expand in Scandinavia and the Middle East, Leica notes that this has paid off quite handsomely across the board for the company with Matthias Hirsch commenting, “We are convinced that our products ‘made in Germany’ fulfill the strongly growing consumer demand for high-quality sustainable brands and that our new product categories will generate increasing enthusiasm for the world of Leica photography in younger target groups.”

Rounding out the company’s press release is a brief mention of its partnership with Chinese smartphone and electronics giant Xiaomi. Leica hopes that this area, too, will promote future growth and expansion, making 2021/2022 the start of an entirely new era of revenue growth and potential for the more than 100-year-old company.

Did you purchase a Leica last year? Are you a fan of the brand? What’s your opinion of their recent spate of prosperity? Let us know your opinion on Leica and their products in the comments.

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