Leica’s New 64MP Medium Format DSLR Camera the S3


Some history is worth repeating, especially if you’re Leica, one of the most beloved makes in the optics industry.

Image via Leica.

Ten years after its predecessor made its world debut at the same trade show, Leica’s latest camera to join the S-System family of cameras, the 64MP medium format DSLR the S3, promises to continue the legacy of the S2 with improvements to its performance in varied lighting conditions according to marketing from the company.

This comes on top of the company's announcement of an L-Mount alliance with fellow optics giants Panasonic and Sigma. Needless  to add, Leica has their hands full these days.

Armed with a 64MP ProFormat sensor, the S3 will also have 4K video recording in medium format as well as an improved viewfinder and autofocus. Other than that the styling looks like an evolution over the Typ 007 but still maintains that iconic Leica look.

Aside from a bump up in power over the S2 the S3 will also offer classic Leica styling and build quality as well as compatibility with related products. There are many other features and upgrades that will be revealed over time but, for now, Leica is basically just preparing the way for the full spec rollout to come. For reference, the Leica S (Typ 007) has a 37.5MP sensor making the S3’s 64MP sensor a step up indeed.

Promising something that is cutting edge and top of the line, Leica’s history and reputation largely bolsters these statements and we will all be on the edge of our seats waiting to see just what the S3 is. That said, there are no details on pricing or an exact release date though PetaPixel speculates that the launch will occur in mid-2019. The publication also sites the current Leica S (Typ 007)’s price point of $USD 20k as a starting place for speculation as to where the S3 will fall.

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