Levitating Camera Wants to Control Your Smart Home


The Moon by 1-Ring is a floating camera that wants to be at the center of your smart home.

Currently funded at 759% of its goal, the Moon levitating camera promises backers an all-in-one security camera, smart hub, and 360-degree webcam.

The coolest thing about the Moon is the floating camera in the middle of what looks like an older model Apple external hard drive.

What 1-Ring calls a revolutionary stabilized 360-degree levitation technology, the Moon camera employs a patented innovation that the makers promote as running in silence and featuring remote control capabilities.

The levitating technology allows for the camera to effortlessly glide in a full circular direction and provides “event detection” within an equivalent range.

Image via Indiegogo.

Featured on such major websites like Gizmodo and HuffPost, among others, the Moon camera will work in tandem with popular smart home services like the hue light by Philips, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home, and Honeywell, among others.

Promising a central solution for controlling your smart home, the Moon camera aspires to unite your appliances in the “Internet of Things” as a smart hub using the major home automation standards listed above as well as inbuilt sensors “and a programmable IR Blaster the Moon by 1-Ring allows you to remotely control your home from anywhere in the world” according to the project’s Indiegogo page.

An accompanying Moon Commander app will assist users in automating most of their major daily routines with the camera as a smart hub. The device also promises voice detection as well as specific sound recognition, such as a baby crying or glass breaking.

The camera’s “event detection” capabilities allow it to focus on the specified trigger, for example, the sound of glass breaking, and it can send the owner an alert through the app on the phone. Through the app, the owner can then see what the camera sees from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Image via Indiegogo.

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