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The Secrets of Light Painting Pack

56 Page Guide + 18 Downloadable Cards

Grab the pack now for only $197!


HELLO: Any photographer wanting to produce amazing light painting images quickly…

This is how you can quickly produce stunning creative light painting photographs that will stop people in their tracks.

Ever wanted a fast way to produce an artistically creative photograph like these without having to spend thousands on pro gear or sit through another academic tome?

The truth is that you don’t need the latest gear or to sit through hours of theoretical lectures on the nature of light to produce appealing light painting photographs like those ones.

Photos that make people stop and look.

Photos that show your artistic chops.

Introducing: The Secrets of Light Painting Pack

56 Page Guide + 18 Downloadable Cards

We have put together a detailed 56 page guide with illustrations and thorough descriptions of the techniques used on 18 different light painting projects with 18 printable reference cards so you have the information on hand when you need it - at the shoot!

This comprehensive 56 page guide takes you through the most useful light painting techniques in detail and let's you really study the craft at your own leisure. When it comes to reference cards, each of them discusses a specific light painting technique and the essentials of how you can replicate that technique, often in a matter of minutes.

What You're Getting Today:

A 56 Page Downloadable Guide on The Secrets of Light Painting + A Total of 18 Printable Reference Sheets to Take On Your Shoot

Grab the pack for $197


  • Full explanation of detail of camera settings
  • Detailed written explanation of setup
  • Explanation of all gear used
  • Step by step description of the process of shooting the image
  • Extra notes and  tips to make each shot count
  • Combining light painting methods
  • Full notes on the process of each type of light painting

  • Three inspirational examples of the technique
  • Exact gear needed for the technique
  • Optimal camera settings for the technique
  • Step by step notes of the process of shooting the image
  • Special tips to optimize your results
  • While each card covers a stand-alone technique in light painting, taken as a whole this pack will give you a very sound grounding in the art of light painting and will almost force you to understand your camera better and also how it interacts with light. This is as practical as photography learning gets - by actually shooting!

    "The info is spot on, but maybe more importantly, the way you put it together is fantastic. It's packed with a ton of information, but shows everything in a concise manner. I especially like the way you showed the tips on gear and settings – the visuals make it really easy to pick out how to go about shooting using those tips. Great work. Thanks again for sending. I'm going to incorporate those tips in my shooting as soon as I can."

    Chris White

    Creator of The 500 Rule Photo App

    If you have ever wanted to:

    ** Learn on the shoot, not in a book.

    ** Get the type of photographs that make people stop and say, “Wow, how did you do THAT?”

    **Improve your technical knowledge of light and your camera by DOING rather than STUDYING.

    ** Finally, create some images that you can be proud to show off.

    These reference cards take a specific light painting technique and give you the essentials to execute that type of image in a matter of minutes. The longer guide lets you fill in the gaps in your knowledge with a longer and more detailed description of each step.

    "Very nice. User-friendly. I like the visuals for aperture, shutter speed and ISO. And the layout is very appealing with Gear, Settings, and Process."

    Leanne Cleaveley


    Get Started With Light Painting Today!

    Yes, I want to download my light painting pack right now at the special price of  $197!

    That is a 56 Page Guide PLUS 18 Reference Cards

    PLUS 3 Bonuses!


    It’s There With You

    At Light Stalking, we always ask ourselves when the BEST time to learn certain information is. In the case of light painting, you need the basic information when you’re actually right there shooting!


    Doing is Learning

    It’s no huge secret that many people learn a lot better and easier by DOING rather than reading. We put the essentials of what you need to know on each reference sheet. You can print it out and have it with you.


    Printable is Practical

    We want you to have the information you need when and where you need it. That is why we made this product fully downloadable and PRINTABLE. Print a single sheet out and start your shoot in minutes.

    We love this so much, here's a few more gifts for you!


    BONUS 1: Basic Light Painting Skills Reference Sheet

    This core reference sheet is one to print out and keep in your camera bag. It shows you the basics (and will probably serve just to jog your memory about all of the other light painting techniques).


    BONUS 2: Combining Light Painting Methods

    This reference sheet will help you take it up a notch by combining all of the other light painting techniques that you master. The ultimate compliment to your reference pack.


    LIMITED BONUS 3: The Christmas Light Painting Pack 

    5 Printable Reference Sheets specifically for shooting at Christmas that include:

  • Light Painting Stars, Angels, Snowman, Reindeer, Santa
  • Making Snowman With Orbs
  • Light Painting a Christmas Tree
  • Spinning or Rotating Christmas Tree
  • Writing Merry Christmas and New Year
  • What you're getting today:

    1. The Secrets of Light Painting 56 Page Reference Guide so you can dive deep on learning light painting.

    2. Eighteen downloadable Light Painting reference sheets so you can print them out and have them with you on the shoot.

    3. Two bonus cheat sheets on the core fundamentals of light painting AND combining light painting techniques to produce next level images.

    4. The Christmas Light Painting Pack that specifically shows you how to produce stunning images of Christmas scenes.

    The Secrets of Light Painting
    A 56 Page Guide | 18 Different Projects | 18 Printable Reference Cards

    Light Stalking 60-Day Guarantee!

    You have almost 2 full months to put the Light Painting Reference Pack to the test and if you don’t like it, if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, then you can simply return it for a no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee. In fact, we insist!

    Special  Price: $197

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