The Last Week Exposé: Community’s Unsung Visual Narratives Unleashed


Photography has the power of brightening up our lives; and what a great thing it is to start our days by checking out some beautiful images in the comfort of our homes! Here is the weekly wrap-up from Light Stalking – you'll find finely curated photos from the general chit chat, and some creative images from Tersha's latest photography challenge on Edit any Nature Shot in Black and White! And as you've already guessed, we'll be mentioning some worth-seeing shots from the Feedback Forum too!

Photo Of The Week – April 5th, 2021

Photo by Elin

Words by Jasenka Grujin

This time POTW goes to @elax and her amazingly detailed landscape shot. Even though the image is really busy, it feels well-composed (nothing to add and nothing to remove!) and the tonal range is truly mind-blowing.

Congrats, Elin.

What Are Our Members Up To?

Pour some coffee and enjoy our favourite shots from Challenge 532nd!

Photo by Patrick

That's a “feed me” look in the eyes! Curious and very creative portrait as well, the hard light gives it an intriguing look.

Photo by Tersha

Nature always offers some nice-looking scenes. Here, the black and white conversion enhances the strong texture on the leaf, and yet, the “weaker” sprout was able to pierce its way through it.

Photo by Dave Watkins

By canceling colors, distractions are almost turned off, and the texture details are able to breathe more freely. Also, those folks look like they are having quite a feast.

Photo by David Chesterfield

Beautiful details on this scaly friend!

Photo by LeanneC

It never stops amusing us how long exposures are capable of showing us reality in a way which is just impossible for our eyes and brain to grasp.

Photo by Rose Marie

What a beautiful composition this is! Great use of lines and shapes, and the tonal treatment enhances the distance feeling in it.

Photo by Andre P

This little fella do looks lonely in this shot. And what really makes this photo work, is the strong implied line in its staring eye.

Photo by Pat Garrett

Don't you find this to be quite dreamy?

Photo by Kristi

Beautiful details and soothing tones in this perfectly captured landscape! The mist, the heavy clouds, and the pretty trees, all combine really well in the frame.

Photo by ElinL

And speaking of smart tonal treatment, this shot is a great example of how tones influence the visual depth of a photograph.

Photo by Charmaine Joubert

Splendid capture!

What You Shouldn't Be Missing From The Light Stalking Community

Patrick shared a photograph of a building that might give you some vertigo, or could simply indulge your craving for symmetry and order. In our case, we find it astonishing!

Dave captured what appears to be an apple blossom, light is just perfect, and the focusing decision is quite gorgeous indeed.

Tersha got a new lens, a vintage Meyer-Optik Gorlitz, from Ebay. It has an interesting bokeh, this is one of her first shots with it:

And if you ever had been curious about the hype for acid-free paper, then you should check out this discussion started by Jim!

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Also, our Feedback Forum received some nice photographs and is clear that some of you have started building a solid photography style. This is the right place for all those people that want to grow fast as photographers. This is possible thanks to valuable and positive feedback, which is perhaps the best way in which someone can hack the photography's learning curve.

Here you'll get your work critiqued by plenty of well-intended people, but you'll also have the chance of critiquing your peers. We truly believe in the power of criticism and feedback. Many of our members have nurtured their own photographic knowledge by giving out elaborate critiques that go way beyond simple emoji based reactions or “nice shot” comments. Here are some of the most interesting shots shared during the last week:

The Shark Tank is a great place to learn and to discuss, so please read the instructions in order to get a better critique experience. Share your comments, opinions and doubts on any or all of the images above. We also will be delighted to see some of your own images. Don't be shy, critiques are given to photographs and not photographers. We'll be more than pleased to help you out; after all, we all are in love with photography. Also, don't forget to participate in our 533rd challenge on Saturate using White Balance!

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