The Last Week Portraits: Exposing the Elegance in Everyday Clicks


Photography has the power of improving our lives; and what a great thing it is to start our days by checking some beautiful images in the comfort of our homes!

Here is our weekly wrap-up – you'll find finely curated photos from the general chit chat blended with some creative shots from Tersha's latest challenge on The Rule of Thirds and Leading Lines! And of course, we'll introduce some worth-seeing shots from the Feedback Forum as well!

And why not mention it, this particular challenge was especially crowded, and it was a beautiful joy picking the featured shots!

Photo Of The Week – November 22, 2021

Photo by Tersha

Words by Jasenka Grujin

There were so many great candidates this week! I chose @tersha because her image of a spider is such a flawless example of compositional rules combination.

Cobweb is a rich source of various lines and the spider is positioned in the lower third of the frame. On top of that, the image has a wonderful bokeh and almost monotone color scheme.

Congrats, Diane.

What Are Our Members Up To?

Pour some coffee and enjoy our favorite shots from Challenge 565th!

Photo by Rose Marie

Pleasing reflection, beautiful leading lines, and the subtle abstract nature of the overall composition make it particularly interesting.

Photo by Aurimas

Still-life meets happening! Not to mention the extremely rich tonality across the whole frame.

Photo by Marty E

This deserves some further explanation: “The original is a shot of a tall commercial building with glass windows that I photoshopped using a filter for Distort – Polar Coordinates – Rectangular to Polar. If I can find the original, I’ll post it so you can see how it changed.”

Photo by Wendy P

We all would love to be there for sure.

Photo by ElinL

“Kirkjufell waterfall and Kirkjufell mountain.”

Photo by Patrick

What a great finding! But seriously, who and why?

Photo by Dexter C

Vibrant colors from Riga, Latvia.

Photo by Beth

Its shape gave him away, fascinating creatures Kingfishers are!

Photo by Kobie Mercury-Clarke

Did you ever wonder how banal stuff can be even approached with a different perspective? Here's a great example of how it is indeed possible to achieve. This was shot in camera using interval shooting, and the odd-numbered group of elements makes it impossible to ignore.

Photo by Pat Garrett

“Detroit Metro Airport tunnel of light and music.”

Photo by Kristi

Don't you feel like going on camping just by seeing this suggestive photograph?

What You Shouldn't Be Missing From The Light Stalking Community

Daniel shared some “cows on the plains”, or maybe not, but it is still a great shot!

Thanks, Marty, for sharing the eclipse with us, especially for those who didn't get the chance of checking it out during the night.

Jim shared with us the not-so-sophisticated side of a Tui after taking a deep dive into the water.

And if you want to see more shots, take a look at the Members Picks! A place where our community is able to share their favorite photographs from our forums every week.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Also, our Feedback Forum got some nice pictures, and is clear that some of you have started building a solid photography style. This is the right place for all those people that want to grow fast as photographers.

Here, you'll get your work critiqued by plenty of well-intended people, but you'll also have the chance of critiquing your peers. We truly believe in the power of criticism and feedback. Here are some of the most interesting shots shared during the last week:

The Shark Tank is a great place to learn and to discuss, so please read the instructions in order to get a better critique experience. Share your comments, opinions, and doubts on any or all of the images above. We also will be delighted to see some of your own images. Don't be shy, critiques are given to photographs and not photographers.

Also, don't forget to participate in our 566th challenge on Contrast with Negative Space and Colour!

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