Stay Up to Date With Your Lightroom Skills With These 9 Recent Tutorials and Tips from Around the Web


Photography skills are an never ending evolution of learning and keeping up with the latest trends and post production is no exception. If, like most professionals and advanced amateur photographers, you use Adobe's Lightroom, then it becomes very handy to know the latest in how the program works and how you can use small tips and lessons from others to speed up and improve your own skills in the program. For that reason, we have put together this list of quick tips and tutorials that have popped up in the last few weeks from other websites that will help you stay ahead of the curve with Lightroom. Enjoy!

How to Create the Urban Desaturated Look in Lightroom and Camera Raw
Learn how to create the popular desaturated urban look in Adobe Lightroom. This tutorial can also be followed in Adobe Photoshop with the Camera Raw filter (Filter > Camera Raw filter). In…
How do I clean up duplicate photos? 
Over the last few weeks, we've been learning how to merge multiple catalogs into a single catalog. In the process, you may have ended up with a load of duplicated photos that you now need…
A Beginner`s Guide to Creating Black & White Photos in Lightroom
Here's a 15-minute video tutorial from photographer Nathaniel Dodson that'll help you learn how to create the perfect black and white image using only Lightroom. Although titled as “3 great…
Adobe`s Lightroom Coffee Break videos give quick time-saving tips
It's over ten years since Adobe's Lightroom emerged from beta, and it's evolved a lot since then. The company's ‘Coffee break' series of videos introduces features you might not know. For a…
Importing In The Background (While You Work On Other Stuff) 
Welcome to a brand spankin' new week – fresh and full of wonderful possibilities. Let's make the most of it! ???? We kick this just-baked week off with a look at how to change a simple…
Three Methods to Convert Photos to Black and White in Lightroom
Black and white images are the little black dresses of the photo world: they're always in style. Creating one is about more than just clicking a single button, though. This helpful tutorial…
5 Photo Editing Steps to Make Your Images Pop in Lightroom
Getting your blog post or video noticed on social media isn't always easy, and an a eye-catching photo as your featured image or video thumbnail can make all the difference. With that in…
Lightroom Quick Tip: Hiding Modules - Lightroom Killer Tips
Happy Wednesday everybody! Here's a quick for hiding modules you don't ever use. For example, let's say you don't ever find yourself using the Web Module, or perhaps the Maps module or…
Why There are 6 Types of Lightroom Previews and How to Use Them
If you are confused by all the options for Lightroom Previews, this article will help you understand them better and make the best choice for your workflow.
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