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This week's list of photography links is quite diverse, featuring a hand-selected group of tutorials, reviews, special features, great photography and a truly hilarious video post to wrap it all up.  Each week Toad Hollow Photography searches the internet looking high and low, and this week's list contains some incredible pieces posted by truly gifted artists from all over the world.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.


More Flash Play…. – photography is fun, there’s no doubt about it, and sometimes you get a chance to combine the fun aspect with work. Leave it to Joe McNally to perfect this notion with his latest post that features the work he created during a workshop that involved the entire audience. Joe leaves the reader with a deeper understanding of the techniques used to create these shots, and he does this in a wonderfully light-hearted manner. Great stuff.

How To Edit Underwater Photography With Lightroom and Photoshop – this is a terrific and detailed video tutorial that shares some comprehensive tips and tricks for processing underwater images. All the key steps required to make this genre of image stand out are covered in this piece, making for a must-see video presentation for those working in the watery realms.

Photographing Drag Races – Joe Farace shares some tips and tricks for those who like to shoot drag racing in particular, and motorsports in general. These basic concepts form the foundation for getting that “perfect shot” in the heat of the action. Joe also includes a pair of photographs he has captured that are absolutely terrific.

Helpful Tutorial Breaks Down The Basics of Understanding Flash Sync Speeds – this is hands-down the best video tutorial I have seen that discusses flash sync speeds and the mechanics behind the limitations imposed in our modern DSLR cameras. Karl Taylor presents this tutorial using easy to understand terminology and visual aids to illustrate the key points being discussed.

Quick DIY: How to Make a Pinhole Camera from a Pringles Can – this great 8 minute video tutorial was created by a young photographer by the name of Fresley who shows us how to go from a can of Pringle’s to a pinhole camera in 8 minutes. This is a great way to interactively engage young people and get them enthused about photography in general, as well as a showing you how to make a very cheap camera that can create images with that unique pinhole feel to them.

Flowerworks by Matthew, on Flickr


DJI Phantom Vision 2 review – Edin Chavez writes a brief review of this aerial bound photography companion. He includes a terrific set of photographs captured and processed that showcase the wonderful beauty of the beaches in Florida, presenting views only seen from highly elevated positions.


See How The Canon 500mm F/4 L Lens Is Made – this world-class super high quality lens retails for over $10,000 and produces incredible images. See how this lens is manufactured to exacting standards in this 13 minute video presentation.

Photographer Explores NYC’s Forgotten North Brother Island with a 4×5 Camera – take a visit to one of the last unknown and unexplored places in the New York area as Christopher Payne takes us to the island where a once active facility now lies abandoned and forgotten for fifty-odd years. The incredible photos that comprise this set are the pure definition of artistic tension, leaving the visitor with a million unanswered questions and longing to learn more about a place that hasn’t seen fresh footprints in decades. The slow effects of decay show how nature is always more powerful than mankind, and without any doubt a visit to this location years from now will reveal a landscape bereft of any sign of human beings.


Almighty Grandeur – my wife and I have been working hard on a long running project, one that finds us visiting all the Anglican churches here on Vancouver Island to photograph them inside and out. Our latest post at Toad Hollow features a visit to one of the most iconic churches on the island here, Christ Church Cathedral, where we take you on a detailed tour around the exterior of this grand stone church.

Chichester Cathedral Cloisters – Barry Turner reveals intense drama in this architectural study done in black-and-white. Wonderful leading lines are explored in this shot that lead the viewer right into the frame, highlighted by light and shadow play that leaves many questions unanswered.

The Show II – a stunning piece by Mark Gvazdinskas that features a phenomenon that occurs only once a year at winter solstice. A window cut into the side of a huge rock formation created by millennia of water erosion lines up directly with the setting sun to create a truly magical scene, and Mark’s capture of this event is an absolutely breathtaking rendition.

Weld County Wall Cloud – this wide angle view of a building storm system captured by Rick Louie really does a terrific job of showing the power and majesty of nature. In this particular storm themed shot, it really does look like the heavens themselves have opened, creating a stunning and dramatic vista.

The Golden river – as the sun begins to set behind the horizon, it casts an incredible tone over the city of Venice in this breathtaking piece captured by Giuseppe Torre. The canal in the shot forms a wonderful leading line to guide you through the frame on a journey of discovery that could only be surpassed by a visit in person.

Manhattan Night Skyline From Randall’s Island – Mark Garbowski captures a wonderful view of the cityscape of Manhattan taken during the night. Gentle tones in the waters and the lights of the city work in perfect harmony together to accent the rich details in the city’s architecture.

Botriver lagoon sunset – beautiful colors and tones from the sunset drape this incredible landscape, casting a ethereal feel over this South African lagoon. Dave Morris captures this dramatic image that features cloud formations overhead that add a great dimension to the scene.

 Bangerghatta Safari
Bangerghatta Safari by Hajo Schatz, on Flickr

All is calm – absolutely epic natural light dances across a rolling landscape featuring colorful trees and cows grazing in pastures below. The wonderful long shadows cast by the fleeting light of day add a terrific element of drama and intrigue in this piece captured by Barry Turner.

Phare du Petit Minou – a character filled scene finds the viewer discovering a stone pathway that leads out towards a captivating lighthouse on the shores of France. Wonderful details and textures in the architecture come to life in this shot captured by Stefan Cruysberghs.

tulip time . . . – beautiful details only found in nature are explored in this vibrant photograph by ƊƦคƓ๏ƝŦlץƊгєคɱʂ88. Stunning natural light highlights the edges of the petals, accenting the stunning colors that the tulips share with the world.

Nightfall at Hallstatt – distinct blue hues create a cold and natural feel in this shot that showcases the epic character of this Austrian township as evening falls. A shoreline creates the perfect leading line in this shot, and the wonderful lights from the buildings and great architecture work together to deliver a special scene. Photography by Jacky CW.

Back home, with projects… – her recent trip to the Bahamas has resulted in some great pieces being published by Sherry Galey. This shot features an anchored sailboat at dawn as the sun crests over the horizon painting the entire scene in wonderful warm hues.

 fun in the garden
fun in the garden by Philippe Put, on Flickr

Smooth Light – this is a fabulous natural abstract piece that showcases the lines, shapes and colors of the Antelope Canyons in Arizona. Michael Bandy’s composition takes advantage of these geometric shapes and the blue sky overhead to create a picture that is truly mesmerizing to take in and enjoy.

Window to Hezekiah’s Tunnel – wonderful textures and details in ancient stone are captured in this photograph from Edith Levy. Using the stonework and windows as a frame to the outside, Edith captures a special piece that really does a great job of showcasing the wonderful character and history only found in Israel.

on ely cathedral roof – great textures and details in the old architecture create the perfect frame for a view into the heart of the surrounding landscape in this highly dramatic piece from Art Hakker HDR. Classic architecture simply can’t be beat, and in this case it adds terrific character to the overall scene captured.

This Old Truck – a long forgotten pickup truck now lies abandoned in a field, it’s only visitor the natural decay process that creates rust on what once was a shiny new vehicle loved by it’s owners. Aaron J. Groen composes a perfect rendition of this scene, showcasing the natural artistic tension that is hidden in the untold stories of what once was.

Morning at Bass Lake, Deep River, Ontario, Canada – Frank King shares a fascinating shot on his site that features a worn red dock that is slowly going through the process of decay, eventually making it’s way into the waters and disappearing forever. Great reflections from the surrounding landscape are enjoyed by following the natural leading line of the dock out into the heart of the scene.

 A beautiful day
A beautiful day by Giuseppe Milo, on Flickr

The Perfect Storm – high winds and a brooding storm converge to create perfect conditions for Mike Reyfman to capture this incredibly dramatic picture. The tops of a ragged mountain range in Argentina create a natural point of flow for the storm, and the natural lighting further enhances the overall drama in a shot sure to take your breath away.

La Ferté-Bernard – a terrific post, straight from the studio of Mathias Lucas, featuring vignettes and architectural studies in black-and-white. Mathias reaches into his archives for this set, sharing a series that does a great job of sharing the inherent character and beauty of the region explored.

Chevys to Drool Over – classic cars are a terrific subject to explore photographically, and Tim Stanley shares a great example of this in his latest post here. A pair of fifties-era Chevrolet cars on display are captured and shared here by Tim, revealing why they are some of the most desired classics still found on our highways and car shows today.

Blue Rail Sunset – beautiful colors and tones are captured in this sunset piece by Rachel Cohen. The warm tones from the disappearing sun casts mesmerizing colors upon the seascape, and Rachel’s composition features a pair of natural leading lines to gently guide the viewer through the frame to explore it.


Art Director Creates a Hilariously Dramatic Car Ad to Sell His Crappy Old Volvo – what an awesome way to wrap up this weeks list! This incredibly hilarious video presentation features a crappy old Volvo car featured in a way sure to have you rolling about on the floor gasping for breath as tears of laughter stream down your face. Click the link, watch the video and thank me later.

Reflection by Sascha Kohlmann, on Flickr

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