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19 unconventional Shots from London

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London Calling, the famous song by The Clash, seems to almost be directed towards photographers.  While iconic architecture is abundant within the city limits, going off the beaten path, or looking within the beaten path for the uncommon can often snag you some simply amazing captures.  So, here's 19 unconventional shots from London that don't include the traditional architecture and landmarks.

London bus

Photo By E01

Web 2.0

Photo By gualtiero

Gherkin Stitch, London

Photo By Ian Muttoo

Attempt at the Escheresque:  Looking Down from the London Eye

Photo By garlandcannon


Photo By pfig

Headed DOWN at St. John's Wood, London

Photo By Ian Muttoo

London City

Photo By liber

the tube

Photo By realSMILEY


Photo By the_moog

Burn baby burn

Photo By fabbio

British Museum (London)

Photo By GViciano

North Acton Blur

Photo By Ian Muttoo

H u s t l e  &  B u s t l e

Photo By i t z h a r

Container City 2, Leamouth, London

Photo By Fin Fahey


Photo By stevecadman


Photo By manuel | MC

Photo By jon hanson

Photo By Nikita Khandelwal

wapping tunnel

Photo By pfig

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