Long Exposure and Low Light: 16 Great Results


Shooting in low light can often be challenging.  In-camera flashes are only good for about 10 feet and hotshoe mounted flashes are only good for 40-60 feet, neither are good for illuminating large areas though.  Sometimes, the best option is to use a tripod in conjunction with a long exposure.  Most commonly shown with trailing light stars or cars zipping by, shown in this post, there are some other great uses for long exposures in low light that yield great results.  Use these 16 as inspiration to blow the dust off your tripod, go out at night and capture something wonderful – and share in the comments!

Long Exposure 2

Photo by Spencer Starnes

Zig Zag Rock in B&W

Photo by brentbat

Long Exposure - Traffic 2

Photo by dropthemedicine

Long Exposure

Photo by dannywartnaby

Almuñécar beach (long exposure)

Photo by Luis Marín

~ Rideau Falls ~

Photo by ViaMoi

Symphony of Colours

Photo by Garry – www.visionandimaginatio n.com

Ottawa River

Photo by ViaMoi


Photo by Chris Gin

Separation Anxiety

Photo by Extra Medium

Night Rider

Photo by Garry – www.visionandimaginatio n.com

HDR version of "In the Pink"

Photo by Light Knight

Racing Stars

Photo by Andrew Stawarz

Disney - A Ride On The TTA at Night (Explored)

Photo by Express Monorail

Day's End Rock

Photo by BUR?BLUE

North Narrabeen Rock Pool Before Dawn

Photo by brentbat

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Theses photos are great! I only wish it was night right now so I could go out and attempt to capture some great shots.

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