Looking Glass Factory and Reggie Watts to Auction NFT-Protected Hologram Art à la Beeple


Everyone wants to be like Beeple or, at least, pull in the kind of cash his Christie’s auction is currently posting. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

You might have missed our article about how digital artist Beeple is using non-fungible tokens (basically a type of blockchain technology for digital media assets that verifies originality and authenticity) to sell his oeuvre through famed auction house Christie’s. 

Notable not only for its use of NFT in such a flashy and big way, the Beeple auction also gives us something of a glimpse into the future of digital rights management.  

And we didn’t have to wait for long for another major NFT story to pop up as today PetaPixel is reporting that the Looking Glass Factory is teaming up with musician Reggie Watts and electronic band Panther Modern to auction off the first-ever NFT hologram art on March 11 through Zora called the “Noncompliance of Being.”

You might remember the Looking Glass Factory from our story we did a while back about their hologram picture frames that could be filled with content you captured with your smartphone camera. 

Of their partnership with Reggie Watts, the company said: “Fans of crypto art are left to experience their artwork on 2D screens, even though some of that art was created in 3D and was designed to be enjoyed that way. That is where this collaborative project differs. The Looking Glass Portrait display is not only the world’s most advanced holographic display, but its small form factor makes it the most personal and portable. With this project, fans of crypto art will not only get to purchase a unique piece of art — they will get to experience it in 3D as a hologram on the latest in holographic technology. And because the display has an audio out, fans of Panther Modern, Reggie Watts, and electronic music will be able to enjoy the art alongside the music.”

The auction isn’t live yet but you can check out the artwork at this link here

What do you think of NFT and blockchain technology in general? Do you see it radically transforming the way people buy and sell digital properties and beyond? Let us know your thoughts on that topic in the comments below. 

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