Machinery As You Have Never Seen It


If you're ever lucky enough to be invited onto an old junk-yard or anywhere where there is a heap of old and rusty machinery, you will know that there are a lot of opportunities for amazing photography. These photographs of machinery show what is possible with a great subject and a little immagination.

Dye House Machinery by PhotoAtelier, on Flickr

Greasy Faced Dial by country_boy_shane, on Flickr
The Forgotten Veteran 1920 x1200 by Artiom Ponkratenko, on Flickr

Gears of Decay by squirrel brand, on Flickr

Nordyke Marmon & Company by William A. Franklin, on Flickr

30 Days of gratitude- Day 8 by aussiegall, on Flickr

exploring Summit Equipment by Beth Rankin, on Flickr

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 22 by aussiegall, on Flickr

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 18 by aussiegall, on Flickr

Doom by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

Wagner ST-5A @ Broken Hill by Allshots Imaging, on Flickr

A Familiar Venue by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

Fishermans Sunrise by Vic Nic, on Flickr

Bolster Bolts by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

Machinery by mescon, on Flickr

Pinball Wizardry by jurvetson, on Flickr

Skyline from the Catwalks by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

The Machine by nathamanath, on Flickr

Pressure Gauge by wwarby, on Flickr

The Pyramid Patent Flour Monster by GlenBledsoe, on Flickr

They've had their day by maz hewitt, on Flickr

Straps and Rivets by opticalreflex, on Flickr

Sick and Tired by ShuttrKing|KT, on Flickr

Dairy Machinery – Barmoya, Queensland by rexboggs5, on Flickr

Teamwork by opticalreflex, on Flickr

DSC_2237-sepia by archer10 (Dennis), on Flickr

Gold flake by daphneann, on Flickr

Machinery by dicktay2000, on Flickr

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Quite a few of those photos look to have been done with HDR. Some “gently” some not so gently. This time, even the garish ones look good — painterly.

Thanks for bringing back memories and the great photography. Some of HDR was a little past my taste but interesting, maybe I’ll developed new taste buds who knows.

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