Maze Ransomware Attack Steals 10TB of Information from Canon


A ransomware attack has left Canon grappling with multiple website and service outages as well as the potential leak of some 10TB of stolen information to the public.

Photo by Fallon Michael from Pexels.

Impacted by Maze ransomware, Canon’s websites and internal employee email and co-working services were impacted. The company has acknowledged the attack both in an internal email as well as a public statement, Bleeping Computer reports.

One of the most public effects of the attack was the image.Canon website. The site went down on July 30 and wasn’t fully restored until August 4.

In a message to users, the company said, “On July 30, 2020, we identified an issue involving the 10GB long-term storage on In order to conduct further investigation, we temporarily suspended both the mobile application and web browser service of After the investigation, we identified that some of the photo and video image files saved in the 10GB long-term storage prior to June 16, 2020 9:00am (JST) were lost. We confirmed that the still image thumbnails of the affected files were not affected, and there was no leak of image data.”

However, it does look like some image data was lost, “Currently, the still image thumbnails of these lost image files can be viewed but not downloaded or transferred. If a user tries to download or transfer a still image thumbnail file, an error message may be received. We are currently exploring technical counter measures.

Automatic transfer of still image and video files from EOS R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras, as well as the instant uploads from compatible Canon cameras is also available.”

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