Meta Unleashes Messaging Upgrades for Instagram Platform


If there’s one thing that’s constant over at Instagram, it’s that things are always changing.

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And Meta isn’t shy about how important messaging, in particular, is to them as a company. You might recall some time ago that the company decided to unify messaging across its platforms, joining Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp together more than ever before. Now it looks like they’re taking the messaging experience on Instagram to the next level with multimedia messaging and other options that will really push the platform forward in terms of innovation and features.

What are some of the new messaging options that Meta just announced for Instagram?

The new features include the ability to send music previews via message, silent messaging, online chat functionality, a “lo-fi” chat theme, polls just for your friends, and tap-and-hold sharing functionality.

The new integration with music services has a lot of people talking as it seems like the logical next step for a platform that already dominates photos and video.

From the blog post describing the feature:

“Enabled by integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify coming soon, you can now share a 30-second preview of that song you just can’t get out of your head, and your friends can listen directly from the chat window.”

When you combine these updates with the new monetization options that Meta is offering on the Instagram platform and you quickly get a picture of a one-service-for-all app that is deadset on staying the go-to place for digital creatives and those that want to discover their work.

Do more robust messaging options sound good to you as additions to Instagram? What would you like to see Meta add to the platform in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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