Microsoft Launches Artificial Intelligence-Powered Image Search for Google Rival Bing

By Kehl Bayern / August 21, 2018

Have you ever used Bing to search on the Internet?

Most of us haven’t but it is the rival service to Google’s own search engine and it is owned and operated by none other than Microsoft.

While not the most robust search engine around, obviously, Bing nonetheless has a few quirks that make it worth checking out from time to time.

And you can’t fault Microsoft for trying – from throwing in voice-powered Cortana search to integrating Bing into the Xbox and Windows, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to make sure you at least have the ability to use Bing, even if you don’t.

Image via Microsoft.

Well it seems like some of us in the photography world might want to give Bing another look as Microsoft announced plans to bring powerful, artificial intelligence-powered image search to Bing. Of course, this isn’t an entirely novel feature and some of you might even be saying to yourselves “Yeah, Google’s got that, too.”

True, but Google has made a lot of changes to its image search lately, not all of which are the most user friendly. Sensing an opening, Microsoft is touting Bing’s robust image search functionality and also taking the opportunity to roll out its Lens competitor. Like everything these days, Microsoft’s new visual search is touted for its wide variety of applications in home shopping and buying stuff online but it will also bring those powerful features to bear in image search and organization so a win-win for both parties, right?

No one expects Bing to displace Google anytime soon in the search engine wars but the addition of new, and useful, features to Microsoft’s service might just make it a viable alternative on into the future. And integrating it with Microsoft’s growing suite of entertainment devices and applications will probably also help further it along in terms of popularity.

You can view a video explaining it on YouTube by clicking here.


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