Microsoft Spotlights AI Art Sensation with New Designer App Integration and Bing Search Function


If you’ve followed our blog, you’re probably aware of our fascination with AI and, in particular, the DALL-E project.

three silver paint brushes on white textile
Three silver paint brushes on white textile with various colors. Photo by Anna Kolosyuk

Far from a passing fad, it looks like AI could become a major part of almost every major media format out there and beyond.

Because, if you asked us to predict where we would find AI-generated art or DALL-E integration for that matter, a search engine is the absolute last thing we would suggest.

But DALL-E is coming to Bing as well as being integrated into Microsoft’s Designer app, PetaPixel reports.

Just like other implementations of this concept we’ve seen, you simply tell DALL-E what you’re looking for and it approximates that text into an image. The Bing feature is something unique entirely.

And one we think will really set the search engine apart.

Like Google search, Bing has an image search that instantly serves up a collection of images from across the web, based on the user’s search parameters.

Sometimes you don’t quite find what you’re looking for and, in those instances, DALL-E’s integration with Bing will help you come up with something. PetaPixel mentions that Microsoft is working with the team behind DALL-E to make sure that the generator doesn’t return any results that could be deemed inappropriate or against their content guidelines but, aside from that, everything else is good to go.

As we reported some time ago, DALL-E is currently open to the public for review as the team behind it works to perfect everything and iterate upon their work. You can check it out at this link.

What do you think the future holds for AI art? Let us know in the comments.

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