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Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit at 69% Off for Cyber Weekend!

We’re jumping the gun on Cyber Weekend here at Light Stalking and putting up one of our most popular products early. The Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit is currently at 69% off and will be discounted until Monday.

What is the Milky Way Magic Toolkit?

It’s a heap of goodies designed to help you produce the kind of Milky Way and night sky images that you see in magazines. We help you from start to finish to have all of the knowledge and tools at your disposal to get amazing images like these.

Milky Way over lake
Stefan Stefancik
Milky Way
Matheus Bertelli

The toolkit includes:

  • 60 Adobe Lightroom Presets (You control every individual part of the preset)
  • 60 Corresponding Adobe Lightroom Profiles (You control the overall strength of the effect)
  • 25 Lightroom Brushes (Edit specific parts of your image to perfection)
  • Milky Way Shooting Guide (Know exactly how to photograph the Milky Way and which settings to use)
  • Photo Formulas Guide (Exact steps taken in 12 stunning examples of Milky Way photography)

If you have ever wanted to take photos like those above and finish them to a standard that will make people stop in their tracks, then this is a deal you will want to grab.

Take a look at the full details here.

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