15 Milky Way Photography Examples That Will Blow Your Mind


Looking at well done Milky Way photography examples is something that is almost guaranteed to motivate you to go out and try to get these types of shots yourself. They are some of the most enjoyable outdoor photographs to look at, but also to shoot.

Skeeze at Pixabay

And if you have a reasonable tripod and a camera with which to use manual settings, then it's probably not as difficult as you might think to get shots like these.

This post of images of the night sky and milky way is designed to give you that motivation to get out and shoot.

If milky way photography is something that you really want to dig down into, then you should take a look at the excellent Milky Way Mastery guide from Expert Photography. In the meantime, lets take a look at the amazing shots these photographers are getting of the night sky.

Milky Way over lake
Milky Way over rock formation
Milky way over rock arch
Hristo Fidanov
Man with torch in front of Milky Way
Stefan Stefancik
Milky Way over sea rocks
Studio 7042

Milky Way Mastery is a great guide to achieving the types of amazing shots you see here. If you are interested in knowing everything from the exact gear through to the precise settings and where to actually point your camera in the night sky for the best results, then be sure to take a look at it here.

Night sky over a cliff
David Dibert
Night sky and Milky Way
Hristo Fidanov
Lovely view of the night sky
Rakicevic Nenad
Milky Way
Matheus Bertelli
Milky Way over lake
Stefan Stefancik

Milky Way Mastery

  • The course is only about 3 hours long, so you can get up to speed with Milky Way photography in an afternoon
  • You can download every video to watch at your convenience, on any device
  • They have provided subtitles if you prefer to read along, or are hard of hearing
  • There’s a comments section if you have any questions
  • You’re invited to join our private Facebook community where you can share your stunning new movies

Grab it here.

Zukiman Mohamad
Milky Way over a house

What You Need to Do Next

If you're interested in getting the type of images that you see with these amazing Milky Way photography examples, then you will want to take a look at Josh Dunlop's Milky Way Mastery.

You will get the comprehensive video training you need to take your milky way photography to the next level and start pumping out images that will leave your friends in awe.

Jump on it now.

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Thanks for posting and perfect timing and more inspiration as I am off to Big Bend National Park here in Texas next week for 6 days to try my hand at taking photos and time lapse of the night sky’s and all of the stars. My research indicated that Big Bend is an excellent location with next to no light pollution and clear sky’s during the winter months.

Thank you for your tip sheet on photographing the moon! I keep it in my camera bag so it’s there when I get a chance to take more photos like that. Mine came out pretty clear this time & I’m sure I’ll get sharper photos when it’s warmer weather.

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