This Modular Lighting System for Photographers Could be Cool


The holy grail of consumer and professional-grade products is being able to find a device that is superior in execution to existing mainline models and cheaper in unit price than those same manufacturers.

Indeed, so rare is this phenomenon that it is oft believed to be a marketing lie rather than a claim of factual truth.

But Anthem One’s new modular lighting system is promising to do everything the big boys can do and more, all at a cost and ease-of-use that makes it a superior option even though it is a newcomer to the illumination party.

The Anthem One’s 5.5 inch cube is capable of projecting 30,000 lumens of daylight-balanced light with intensity and color temperature changed by a light card rather than by switching out a bulb.

Imagine snapping these cubes together to double or triple your power – such is the modular application of the Anthem One.

Image via Anthem One.

Another advantage of the Anthem One system is while HMI light bulbs last 200+ hours, or half that if you’re concerned about variations in light temperature, Anthem One’s light cards can last for 50,000 hours of use and, as FStoppers adds, “With a fan to help cool the light for as long as a light card will last…stays relatively cool compared to other continuous lighting solutions of similar brightnesses.”

There are four photography and videography oriented light cards for users to choose from “featuring different brightness and temperature characteristics including 20,000 lumens at 4,000K, 21,000 lumens at 3200K, 25,000 lumens at 5600K, and 30,000 lumens at 5,600K. Light cards also exist for military and agricultural applications and will be expanded in the future to additional levels of brightness or color temperatures, which is why Anthem One likens light cards more to computer RAM or hard drives than to bulbs. The spread of each light source ranges from 120° to 60° depending on the attached lens. Each features zero to 100-percent dimming with no color change with the help of an added dimmer to the system,” according to FStoppers.

Image via Anthem One.
Image via Anthem One.

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