Monster Hunter – 100MP Canon EOS R with IBIS Reportedly in Development


We’re barely finished with CES and, already, the gossip line is buzzing with possible future products.

And the rumor mill is churning up some good stuff lately, and today we’ve got a whopper for you.

person holding black canon dslr camera
Photo by Joshua Abner

According to reports carried by FStoppers and others, Canon has a 100MP EOS R in development.

Those who follow gear will note, this kind of resolution in a standard body size would represent an industry first if it is true.

The rumor started when Canon Rumors picked up on a “note” in Northlight Images that indicate just such a camera was in the works over at the optics firm. Apparently Canon has canceled some other projects to make way for this one, for what it is worth.

At 100MP, the rumored Canon EOS R would be in Hasselblad and Phase One territory but, as FStoppers highlights, those makers are rumored to be working on 150MP cameras themselves so that could be a moot point eventually.

What is interesting is that the company is aiming for such a rarefied territory – and doing so with a reportedly standard body size with IBIS.

Not to dampen any excitement that may be building, but the 100MP Canon EOS R doesn’t look like it is on its way anytime soon.

Rumors point to a 2020 timeframe for the camera hitting the streets. That gives the big boys plenty of time to catch up on either end which makes the novelty of the rumor a time-sensitive thing at best. On the bright side, that gives you plenty of time to save up money for what we're sure will be a pricey bit of kit.

Still, it sounds like quite a leap for Canon and could be a huge move for the industry as a whole.

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